The Jolie shower head is peak luxury, and I might never go back

I'll admit, I fell for the Jolie shower head just like everyone else — and I have no regrets

A silver Jolie shower head hanging from a in bathroom with a bouquet of eucalyptus beneath it on a bubbly background
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Real Homes Verdict

The Jolie shower head is as luxurious as they come — perfect size, perfect shower pressure, and (thankfully) easy installation. There aren't many downfalls, but the brand should definitely consider a handheld option in the future — it'd blow the competition away.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    The size and the water pressure feel like perfection

  • +

    Super-easy installation (even for those who hate step-by-steps)

  • +

    Filters toxins and contaminants from the water

  • +

    Return within 60 days if you don't like it

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The price tag is steep

  • -

    Not customizable

  • -

    Doesn't come with a handheld option

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Jolie Shower Head Review: Quick Menu

I know it seems hasty, but the Jolie shower head was truly love at first rinse. You'll understand my unwavering affection given what I'd been accustomed to pre-Jolie. 

My bathroom is a blast from the past with pastel pink and black tiles, a vintage find from the '50s — and not the good kind. The shower head has thankfully been updated since then, but my OG appliance was a far cry from the best high-pressure shower heads on shelves today. 

Once I received my order from Jolie, I quickly fastened it onto the proper pipes — I had to pat myself on the back for such a seamless installation process — and got ready to enjoy a little luxury.

Since my time using Jolie, I'm honestly surprised I haven't transformed into a giant prune because I never want to get out of the shower now. When they say "believe the hype," we say you trust 'em. 

Jolie shower head review

What I thought about the Jolie shower head

I don't think it's in my imagination that the water gets warmer quicker when using Jolie, which is a delight since I was used to feel like I was bathing in Arctic waters for the first stint under the shower. 

What's more, the product is such a substantial size that your entire body gets wet when standing underneath, and the pressure is just right — it's strong without being overpowering. Although I absolutely loved this feature, some shoppers might not be pleased to learn they cannot adjust the settings.

Given that the filter works hard to rid the water of chemical substances, it definitely gives you a cleaner feeling. However, I'll admit that I do prefer using a handheld shower head to rinse my hair more thoroughly and keep my hair in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, I do find that a lot of handheld selections aren't terribly large, making it somewhat difficult to get my entire body wet while showering, so it's a tradeoff that requires some thought.

Overall, I'd highly recommend learning how to replace a shower head and swap yours for a Jolie — your bathroom will feel all the more luxurious for it. Speaking of which, we have a feeling you'll love these luxe small bathroom ideas that are big on the bougie, but not the price tag.

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Attributes NotesRating
DesignA sleek but slightly bulky filter with a modern touch. Available in four colorways.★★★★
PricePriced on the higher end, Jolie will set you back $165 and might be considered a splurge item.★★★
InstallationInstallation could not be simpler — if only all DIY projects were this easy. ★★★★★
FeaturesThe size of the shower head and water pressure make for an great scrubbing session.★★★★
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Jolie shower head specifications

  • Weight: 1.56lbs
  • Colors: 4
  • Filter materials: A proprietary blend of KDF-55 and Calcium Sulfite
  • Style: Stationary
  • Compatibility: Universal fit for U.S. showers
  • Shape: Round
  • Price: $165

What I loved about the Jolie shower head

A silver Jolie Shower Head on a pink bubbly background.

(Image credit: Jolie)

There's quite a bit to love about Jolie, but I'll make things simple, otherwise I might have you here all day.

The size: Though it might look a little bulky, you'll appreciate Jolie's size once you step under its blast range in the shower. No part of your body goes unbathed, and you'll step out feeling squeaky clean.

The water pressure: As Goldilocks would say, it was just right. Not too high an not too low. I pinched a few extra minutes out of my busy day soaking under it because I enjoyed the sensation so much.

What I didn't love about the Jolie shower head

A gold Jolie shower head on a bubbly blue background

(Image credit: Jolie)

The stationary position: Although I find that handheld shower heads are often too small when they're fastened to the wall, I do love them for a thorough hair wash. When Jolie decides to come out with a handheld version of its beloved filtered shower head, I'll be the first in line. No doubt it'll be a game-changer.

How to use the Jolie shower head

Nothing intimidates me quite like having to put something together. Fortunately, Jolie's installation could not have been simpler. I simply unscrewed my apartment's shower head, used the plumber's tape included in the kit, and fastened Jolie right in. It was a breeze, especially considering I've had some seriously unsuccessful DIYs in years gone by. 

Good to know

I tested the Jolie shower head in my Brooklyn apartment in the winter for one week where I showered daily and washed my hair every other day. Let it be known I extended the test and kept the shower head on for about one month before switching to another selection. 

Overall, I was looking for a shower head with more pressure and a larger size, and Jolie delivered. However, I did miss having a handheld option that allowed me to rinse my hair more thoroughly. But overall, I am not willing to forgo size for a handheld selection, which is usually fairly small.

If Jolie isn't for you, here are some alternatives that might be a better fit for your showering needs, according to Real Homes' reviewers.

Where to buy the Jolie shower head

You can shop the Jolie shower head directly from the Jolie website, but you can also find the fan-favorite bathroom accessory on retailers like Amazon or Anthropologie

How we test

This winter, I tested Jolie for one week — and extended the time after loving it so much — where I showered daily and washed my hair every other day. I was able to compare the product to the original shower head that came with my bathroom and a handheld shower head I had been testing for Real Homes. My main concerns during testing were quality and performance, and Jolie delivered.

Danielle Valente
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