How to organize under the bathroom sink according to experts

According to experts, there are 10 ways to approach organizing under the bathroom sink for the best success.

bathroom drawer storage with clean compartments for make up
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Morning’s can be a little stressful as it is, but if you can’t find that new shampoo you’ve just stored away or if that magic make-up brush is missing from your bathroom sink drawer unit, then it’s time to organize under the bathroom sink once and for all. 

Easier said than done, right? The first port of call when tackling this part of bathroom organization is to invest in a sink unit that has great storage underneath. Some come with one door and nothing else, others come with some drawer options, but whichever under sink unit you have, we've spoken to industry experts to gain their insight on how to keep yours tidy.

How to organize under the bathroom sink

We’ve sourced 10 ideas that will help you organize under the bathroom sink properly so that it becomes a sleek, uber tidy space that you’ll fall in love with. If you feel like your whole bathroom storage needs an upgrade then this is the perfect place to start for inspiration.

1. Start with a good clear out

bathroom showing basin unit, bathroom mirror, green, pink and grey hexagonal floor tiles

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Mary Cornetta, founder of Sort and Sweet and blogger at Organized Overall gives her top tips on how to organize under the bathroom sink (and keep it that way!):

‘The first and most important step is to clear everything out from under the sink and clean it. Remove anything that doesn't belong. Generally, what you should store under here is anything related to the bathroom – cleaning products that you use in and near the bathroom and things related to your beauty regime.

2.  Categorize into sections 

wooden double sink unit with two three drawers and two storage cubes

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‘Sort the items you're keeping into categories and organize accordingly,’ continues Mary.

‘Use labels especially if multiple people reach for things under the sink so it's easy to find things and put them away or restock. Be sure to edit under the sink regularly. It can get dirty and dark under there so go through the space every few months, pulling out things that don't belong, wiping it down and reorganizing.’

3. Go for stackable options

bathroom under the sink storage, white basket with towels, cleaning products

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‘Often, cabinet space under the bathroom sink is limited due to plumbing fixtures. To maximize organization in these tight spaces, ClosetMaid's storage baskets easily stack and can store a variety of items, all within easy reach. As a good rule of thumb, place your lightest and most used items on top, and your heaviest and least used items on bottom,’ says Valerie Cavallaro, Chief Digital Officer of The AMES Companies.

4. Choose clear drawer organizers

bathroom drawer storage with clean compartments for make up

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We asked the experts at X-nrg Life for their top tip on utilizing the space underneath your bathroom sink:

‘Drawer organizers like our clear divider trays are a must. They might not create that much space but they sort for you and make getting ready in the mornings a breeze. 

Store the items you use most frequently in the top drawer or in the side of the cabinet you naturally like to pull from.’ There are lots of clear divider trays on Amazon also.

5. Keep skincare and makeup in a closed drawer

open drawer of bathroom sink storage with compartments and make up bag

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Caroline Solomon, New York city-based Home Organizer gives us her expert advice on keeping skincare tidy:

‘Under the bathroom sink is an excellent place to store skincare and makeup duplicates, as well as less-frequently used medicine. To prevent this area from becoming a catchall for random miscellaneous items, it’s essential to use closed storage solutions. 

If you have drawers underneath your sink, consider using several toiletry cases to separately store medicine, skincare and makeup duplicates. Alternatively, if you prefer to see everything out in the open, place each category in its own open bin for easy access and retrieval.’

6. It’s also the ideal spot for keeping a few cleaning products

bathroom cleaning caddy with products

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‘Under bathroom sinks are also great places to store bathroom-related cleaning supplies,’ adds Caroline.

‘Keep a caddy alongside your toiletries and fill it with All-Purpose Cleaner, glass cleaner and any other cleaning essentials. This will allow you to seamlessly clean the space without reaching for products from another location.’

7. Modular containers will fit any sized space

under bathroom sink modular storage containers

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Elise Hay, founder of Organized Sanctuaries is the go-to expert for all of your under the bathroom sink storage needs:

‘Contain items in bins or modular drawers. Plastic is ideal here, so that you can easily wipe up inevitable spills and leaks. My favorite buys are:

Nordic bins (made from recyclable materials!) 

The Home Edit bins

Like-it modular drawers - they come in a variety of sizes, and you can purchase internal dividers that make sorting within the drawer a breeze.

For narrow spaces, try the Multi Purpose bins from the Container Store - they aren't stackable, but they come in a variety of sizes, and have tall sides, so that they do maximize space quite well.' 

8. Utilize every inch of space

double sink unit in grey with open doors showing storage, black and white tiled floor

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‘Take into account the plumbing so that you can make the most of your usable space. You might need to get different depth bins and drawers for either side, depending on the placement of the pipes. Another top tip is not to overlook the inside of your door,’ adds Elise.

I love these stick-on bins from iDesign, as well as this hair tool organizer from The Home Edit

Everything deserves a label. I love the Brother P-Touch Cube Plus for all spaces in my home, including the bathroom.’

9. Make sure your products are in date

under the sink storage stackable containers

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‘Expirations are not just for medications,’ explains Elise.

Ingredients in beauty products break down and lose their effectiveness, especially in high-humidity environments

Meh products. You know what I’m talking about. That hair cream that’s just a little too sticky. The lipstick that smudges too much. The lotion that smells funny. Samples/travel size products that you have “just in case.” Pack up what you honestly won’t use and offer it to a friend, or if it’s not opened, to your buy-nothing group, or a women’s shelter. Allow every item in your home to get its max use, and that might mean passing it on to someone who will use it better than you will.’

10. And don’t forget to only buy what you need

bathroom sink with drawer open and storage solutions

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'If your cabinets are overwhelmingly stuffed with multiples of the same products, pause the next time you are making an Amazon order or rolling through the Costco aisles,’ advises Elise.

‘Regularly buying in excess overwhelms our spaces, and tricks us into thinking we need to have a massive supply on hand. Know what you have by being able to see what you have. Keep tabs on that supply and purchase only what your space can accommodate. End result? You AND your space will feel more relaxed.’

What should I use to organize under my bathroom sink?

We love modular and stackable designs, they keep things organized and clean if they come with lids, shelf risers that you would normally use in a cabinet or to help organize under the kitchen sink are another great idea as they can sit on top of each other. 

If you only have one big space under your sink then look out for slide out systems with tiered shelves, they are great for bathroom cleaning products. Do buy designs that are clear plastic – that way you can immediately see what you need without having to lift any lids. 

How do I maximize the space under my bathroom sink?

The first port of call is to declutter the whole space – whether that’s one space, or you have drawers to clear out too. Be ruthless, if items are out of date then throw them, the same goes for leaky tops and things you haven’t used for years. Then evaluate your space and see what kind of storage solutions will work best. Remember you can use the space inside your doors too, there are great hanging ideas that fix to the door using suckers or hang over the top.

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