Hallway storage ideas: 23 clever ways to clear the clutter in your hall

Show clutter and mess the door with clever hallway storage ideas. We've 22 easy ways to keep coats, keys, bits and bobs out of sight.

Cream hallway furniture by Furniture Village
(Image credit: Furniture Village)

No matter how big or small your space, with the right hallway storage ideas in place, you can organize your entryway effectively. Hall storage is must in every home, and most especially if you've a busy household with various sets of coats, keys and mismatched shoes to stow away, in an elegant fashion.

For the record, savvy hallway ideas don't have to be bland and, we promise this is a clear storage box free zone. Stylish and functional, the days of a messy greeting on arrival are done, and no more tripping over shoes when you only wanted to reach the bedroom...

Hallway storage ideas for an entryway overhaul

'When it comes to home styling hallways can sometimes get forgotten, but as they’re often the first impression your guests will get, it pays to give them a little attention,' says Kerry Laird, interior designer at Fishpools (opens in new tab).

'As with any other room, deciding how you want it to function should be your first consideration. If your hallway is often cluttered with shoes, umbrellas and various other bits and bobs, storage solutions are a must; otherwise your new additions will lose their impact.'

'If your hallway is narrow, remember not to discount small nooks or under-stairs spaces as these can all be utilized effectively, whether to create a small home office area or to install cupboards or shelves.'

'And, thanks to their compact nature and storage capacity, console tables are ideal hallway furniture for all spaces and can be styled in a huge variety of ways depending on how you wish to use your space. A small tableau of objects can then be built-up around them, using the surface of the table and the wall space above.'

Organize your front door foyer, whatever your interior style, whether you've a modern or historic home.

1. Create a Scandi-chic modular shelving system

Vitroe 606 shelving unit in hallway

(Image credit: Vitroe)

OK, try saying that after a few schnapps! All humor aside, you can't think shelving ideas without looking to Vitroe's (opens in new tab) modular shelving ideas. There's something about Nordic design that adds a chic level of organization while having an effortless put-togetherness about it. 

In this Milanese hallway it does not obstruct the floor or disturb the cornice. And note the hanging rail for coats by the door, a clever, but commonsense approach to modern living.

2. Opt for a seamless design, built into the wall

White hallway with built-in wall storage

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

If you have a snug hallway with no space at all, a built-in wall design to store letters and miscellaneous papers might just be the thing for you. Once a working farm, the Mill House is a heritage property with distinctive character, decorated by Sims Hilditch interior design (opens in new tab).

Here, they have used Farrow & Ball's Blue Grey (opens in new tab) on the homeowner's wall panels. With its subtle mix of blue, green and black pigments, this paint shade creates the most relaxed of rooms, and has the a magical quality of gently shifting between blue and grey depending on the light and time of day. A definite contender if you're indecisive on your choice of emulsion in your grey hallway idea.

3. Narrow hallway? Opt for storage with sliding doors

Long and narrow Victorian hallway with sliding doors for storage

(Image credit: Graham Atkins-Hughes Photography)

If you live in a Victorian or period home, the chances are that your hallway is long and narrow. This may present issues with hallway storage ideas which are either too bulky, big or wide to fit into this space. So this idea is great if you're looking for smart designs that'd still suit a traditional hallway idea.

This space-saving solution, built by Macdonald Wright Architects (opens in new tab) and shot by Graham Atkins-Hughes (opens in new tab) uses a space-saving, bi-fold cupboard that slides rather than opens out. Cleverly, it means that it does not obstruct the beautiful white door with stained glass detail, and busy families can go about their day, without waiting on one person to find their shoes or other possessions.

4. High ceilings? Choose a tall bench with a coat rack

Dorset White Tall Bench With Coat Rack by Laura Ashley

(Image credit: Laura Ashley / Next)

Classically elegant, this hand-finished Laura Ashley Dorset Tall Bench With Coat Rack (opens in new tab) features a gentle off-white chalky finish that works perfectly with the solid ash bench lid. It's the perfect hallway storage idea if you have a country or farmhouse-style home, but don't have the space for boot room design ideas.

We love the lightly distressed edges and steel effect coat hooks and hinges which give it rustic charm and character.

But this clever hallway isn't just all looks! There are five hooks in the upper section and ample storage space beneath in the bench section. And, to complete that calm, rural and relaxed feel upon delivery, only the back panel needs to be attached to the bench to begin enjoying this piece.

5. Soften a dark hallway with a light velvet ottoman

Palais Ottoman silver velvet bench, £270 in hallway with dark navy staircase and grey rug on light wooden flooring

(Image credit: Next)

'To get the best storage on a budget, you need to have a plan,' says Amber Dunford, associate art director and lead stylist at Overstock.com (opens in new tab).

'Know what items you’re looking to store. Depending on how you want to showcase those items, you may want to look at multi-purpose furniture like an ottoman or a storage cube.'

We love the contrast of the dark staircase and banisters with the light hallway flooring and silver velvet ottoman. This, when paired with the high-pile rug adds texture, tactility and luxuriously softens the space, especially when you consider the formality of navy.

6. Pop a mirror above your storage to trick the eye

Angeles Hallway Unit, £799 Angeles Small Sideboard, £445 Hoxton Mirror, £189, all by Furniture Village

(Image credit: Furniture Village)

A quick and easy way to upgrade your hallway storage is to use a mirror idea on top of it. By doing this, you can instantly create the feeling of more space than there actually is. It's a common trick used by real estate agents and interior designers alike.

'For those wanting to make the hallway feel brighter and airier, a selection of furnishings in a lighter palette or simply hanging a mirror will create an illusion of space.' says Lauren Davenport, accessories buyer at Furniture Village (opens in new tab).

7. Maximize space with hallway seating benches with storage

vintage feel unfitted coat rack used a hallway storage idea

(Image credit: Atkin & Thyme)

If you're blessed with a large hallway, if renting prevents you from drilling into walls or you want to create a more relaxed feel to your space, an unfitted storage unit is worth a thought. Opting for an all-in-one unit that combines a coat rack with hallway shoe storage and a spot to sit down maximises space while functioning as an attractive addition.

We love the vintage feel of this Cooper Hall Stand (opens in new tab) from Atkin & Thyme.

8. Use pegs for storing dog leads

wicker baskets seen hanging from hooks used a hallway storage idea

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

The search for dog leads, balls and poop bags can be a frustrating one if you've been volunteered for the early-morning walk. Wicker baskets are a stylish hallway storage idea that promises to make your life easier. Hung from a spare coat hook or cool peg rail let's them be on display and very much ready for all doggo walks. We love this set of Natural White Artisan Baskets (opens in new tab) from Cox & Cox. Alternatively a peg board is another trendy option if space permits.

'Peg boards are an easy way to make the most of unused wall space. You can hang your keys, cleaning utensils or tools at the back of the closet, out of the way.' says Katie Thomas, founder of KTM Design (opens in new tab).

9. Choose a wooden console for a relaxed approach to storage

wooden finish console table used as a hallway storage idea

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Console tables are a smart and stylish hallway storage idea, creating an understated focal point that also serves a practical purpose. Opting for a design with different compartments encourages organisation as different sections can be designated for different purposes, be that storing letters, address books, umbrellas or other daily essentials.

To maintain a minimalist feel, choose a console table with a simple silhouette and couple with a space-enhancing hallway mirror, a delicate indoor plant and a small trinket bowl for storing keys.

But, if you do fancy decorating or 'tablescaping' your hallway storage ideas, there are an array of ways to style and accessorize your furniture.

'Once you’ve decided on your style of table, the fun can begin. Pick and choose a variety of decorative objects, from potted plants and prints, to books, vintage ephemera and pretty tea light holders, to create a visually interesting and characterful display,' says Laird.

'For a more formal entrance, lamps placed at either end of the table will frame your vignette and will give off a beautiful welcoming glow in the evenings.'

10. Prop a ladder shelf against the wall if you have a narrow hallway

ladder propped up against wall as a hallway storage idea

(Image credit: Cloudberry Living)

If you like the idea of a console table but your narrow hallway doesn't allow for it, propping a rustic-looking ladder shelf against the wall is a great alternative. 

With shelves for displaying your top indoor plants (opens in new tab) and storing everyday essentials; a hook to keep keys at hand and a ladder rung for hanging light coats and jackets, this Skagerak Nomad Rail (opens in new tab) makes for a handy narrow hallway storage solution.

11. Bring order to letters that litter a hallway

metal wire letter storage unit used as a hallway storage idea

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

If a daily influx of junk mail leaves your entrance littered with letters, this hallway storage idea is an easy fix. Pinned up next to the door, it's perfect for storing letters so that you know exactly where they can be found when you have time to read them.

We love the industrial feel of this Farringdon Letter Holder (opens in new tab) from Garden Trading.

12. Maximize under-stairs storage space

Clever Closet understair, hall way storage idea

(Image credit: Clever Closet)

Often overlooked, clever under stair ideas could be your salvation. Coupled with deep drawers, this hallway shoe cabinet is also a great spot for storing dog walking essentials, toys and winter woollies. These drawers are by Clever Closet (opens in new tab).

13. Create a unique design feature with bike storage solutions

handy bike storage unit used as a hallway storage idea

(Image credit: Crowdyhouse)

To the frustration of those tired of side-shuffling past, bikes are too often stored in the hallway. A well chose wall-mount provides the most perfect of bike storage solutions; keeping them up and out of the way, while still on hand and away from the risk of robbery. If you're lucky enough to have a stylish bike frame, mounting it on a bike storage rack even makes for a unique design feature.  Find this Bicycle Wall Rack (opens in new tab) at Crowdyhouse.

14. Pick out wall hung hallway storage units to max out space

brass and iron fitted coat storage unit used as a hallway storage idea

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Coupling a functional fitted coat storage unit with a stylishly decorated shelf (styled with a zen enhancing house plants, perfectly displayed pictures and other attractive bits and bobs) is a great hallway storage idea if you're looking to add interest to your space. Find this Antiqued Brass Iron Shelf (opens in new tab) at Cox & Cox.

15. Organize shoes in an open storage unit

wooden finish shoe storage unit used as a practical hallway storage idea

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

If you're looking for a hallway shoe storage solution that allows you to see and organise all of your shoes in one place, a solid open storage unit could be for you. Sturdy and timeless pieces, they double up as an effective console table when paired with statement glassware and delicate house plants.  Find this Large Wooden Box Unit (opens in new tab) at Cox & Cox.

16. Customize storage solutions to suit the whole family 

ikea hallway storage ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

When designing a storage solution to suit the whole family, make choices that enable and encourage children to stay organised. This could include coat pegs within their reach; baskets where they can easily find their scarves, gloves and winter woollies or a spot for them to sit down and remove their shoes. We love the versatility of storage solutions from Ikea (opens in new tab).

17. Choose storage in the same color as your walls

String system used as hallway storage

(Image credit: String)

A modular system is a great hallway storage idea because you can personalize it completely to your space and needs, and move it about wherever you move to next.

This String shelving (opens in new tab) is made up of different modular components that you can build up and evolve as much as you want, choosing from shelves, cabinets, drawers and more. We love its neat looks – very contemporary Scandi.

With its slender and streamlined look and feel, you can 'hide' it in your hallway. Just give it a lick of paint in the same hue as your hallway paint ideas.

18. Upcycle antiques to create practical hallway storage

floral wallpaper in hallway with coat rack and drawers

(Image credit: Borastapeter)

We love this combination of ideas: a useful pegboard for everything from coats to dog leads to keys, and a cabinet to stash away everything from letters to all those bits and pieces that end up on the hall table, however hard you try to keep it tidy...

19. Be clever with hallway furniture

Under stair storage idea using an ikea book shelf

(Image credit: Ikea)

Another clever idea using budget furniture that can be easily adapted to an under stairs space. This bookcase and trolley combination is from Ikea and is a) smart, b) practical and c) affordable. Here, it's used for paperwork, but it would make a great storage solution for the family's shoes, scarves and gloves.

20. Pick a hallway wardrobe to hide coats away

Vanessa Arbuthnott home - photo Brent Darby

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

If your hallway has the breadth, it's worth buying a wardrobe for it to hide away the family's coats and shoes. For a contemporary, light-starved space, choose one with glazed or mirrored doors to enhance the space; for a larger hallway like this one, pick one that's characterful to heighten the hallway's period feel.

21. Create an inviting space that doesn't overwhelm

Faux black laminate flooring in hallway with console table

(Image credit: The Floor Room )

'Hallways and landings are typically high traffic areas so consider the size of your chosen furniture carefully; opting for multi-functional, scaled down items that offer maximum style whilst taking up minimal space,' says Suzy McMahon, buying director, Sofology (opens in new tab).

'Mixing neutral tones and materials with splashes of color and non-imposing furniture and accessories will ensure it is an inviting space that makes visitors immediately comfortable.'

'Storage solutions with drawers and shelving will help create a calm and uncluttered feel, and offer additional spaces to put away items that can be kept at hand but out of sight.'

'If space allows, why not try adding practical storage to your landing too? Get creative and select compact pieces traditionally kept in other rooms, such as end tables and sideboards, so you don’t compromise style and design for functionality.'

22. Stop pink walls looking sickly with dark wood decor

Ercol Hallway furniture from Lugo collection dining armchair, console table - lifestyle - Portrait

(Image credit: ercol)

Sure, we've seen our fair share of pink kitchen and bathrooms, but how does this color work when it comes to hallway storage ideas?

While we're not sure how much longevity this saccharine trend has, you can err on the side of caution by pairing pink walls with dark wooden furniture for a colorful twist on a classic hallway.

Combining clean lines with curves, this Erco lugo console table and chair (opens in new tab) hints at both contemporary and mid-century modern influence.Built from sturdy solid wood, the table features a dark stained finish for a rich, polished look.

With room for shoes underneath and a handy slatted shelf to hold those grab-and-go items, it is an ideal way to bring storage space to smaller areas.

23. If in doubt, add storage baskets!

Hallway storage baskets in pink painted hallway placed in compartments

(Image credit: ORTHEX)

'Baskets are perfect for hallway storage of items like hats, gloves, scarves or even trainers – they’re probably the only ‘breathable’ type of box storage so useful to get the air flowing,' says Craig Sammells, Orthex Group (opens in new tab), country manager UK & Ireland.

'They’re really handy too for items you want to grab as you’re going out of the door, like tissues, sunglasses or wipes. Look for baskets with lids as they’re great for stacking and also those that come with reusable labels – they take the guesswork out of reaching for items when you’re in a rush.' 

'Think about having a labelled basket for each member of the family, particularly the kids, then they can find their own hats and mittens! If they’re too young to read, you could use their favorite stickers to mark their label or mark with a color.'

Find these boxes online at John Lewis & Partners (opens in new tab).

How do you build storage in a narrow hallway?

Narrow or small hallways in particular are clutter magnets. Be ruthless about what lives in your hallway and limit it to the items you use regularly every day. Try to reduce what is visually on display to make the space feel bigger.

Lizzie Grant, founder of Declutter on Demand (opens in new tab), a national professional organizing service provides her tips for keeping a clean and tidy space. She advises that: 'Skinny storage in narrow hallways is best to give the impression of space. Try a shoe storage cabinet where shoes can be stored vertically rather than horizontally.'

'Store coats in shallow cupboards with forward-facing rails instead of the usual left to right. If you do not have space for this, use wall pegs to keep coat clutter to a minimum and make your hallway look bigger. Extra coats can be kept in your wardrobe or in a coat cupboard under the stairs and swapped out as the seasons change.'

How do you hide a coat in a hallway?

'Floor to ceiling or wall to wall storage becomes almost hidden and part of the room, or walls rather than noticeable standalone items, ' says David Conlon, head designer and founder of En Masse Bespoke interiors (opens in new tab).

'A full height shoe or coat storage closet will keep everything tidy and won’t impact on space. If it’s full height, it won’t bring the space in, in fact, if you include reflective finishes, it can make the area feel bigger, '

'By putting coats shoes and bags away, the entrance and hallway can instantly seem larger. A full height cupboard built into the wall as a recess gives great space and makes use of an otherwise dead area.'

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