13 space saving garden storage ideas

Get your garden organised with these handy outdoor storage solutions

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There is no denying that a shed can be an ideal place to store all your garden paraphernalia. Sheds are great. We all love a shed. But if you are tired of risking life and limb clambering into the depths of said shed just to find your secateurs or if you don’t want to use up precious outdoor space with an outbuilding, there are plenty of alternative storage solutions to enhance space in your garden and keep it clutter free.

1. Discover the power of storage boxes

Whether you have a small balcony or an entire garden, a garden storage box or garden storage bench is perfect for keeping all of your gardening tools handy. 

If you are looking for storage that will blend in among the flora and fauna, the rustic feel and the light wash of the Aldsworth storage box would fit seamlessly into a corner or against a wall. 

Aldsworth storage box

(Image: © Cuckooland)

2. Introduce stylish garden shelving 

Not everything in your garden needs to be hidden away. Maybe the bulky lawnmower or the tangled hose pipe is best stowed out of sight, but small items like trowels, twine and watering cans can be used to create visual interest in a sheltered side return or by the back door. 

Shelves or ladder style shelving, such as The Aldsworth Shelf Ladder from Garden Trading, can be both a beautiful and practical way to store all your gardening bits and bobs. 

Garden Storage Ideas - Shelving

3. Pick a slimline garden storage shed

So it might not be the boho-chic, fairy-light filled, shepherd’s hut of your Pinterest dreams but a small, narrow garden storage shed is perfect for storing larger gardening tools. You could still make your shed more of a feature by painting it or soften the look with climbing plants. 

This tool shed from Scotts of Stow has plenty of shelves and hooks to maximise storage potential. 

Scots of Stow storage shed

(Image: © Scots of Stow)

4. Save space with a storage bench 

For gardens lacking in space, multifunctional items are the way forward. Invest in furniture that can also be used as storage for outdoor cushions, blankets and BBQ accessories. 

This bench from Ikea is not only great for stashing soft furnishings when it (inevitably) starts to rain but it can also double as a coffee table. 

Ikea storage bench

(Image: © Ikea)

5. Utilise wall space

Even the smallest area of wall can be put to good use. Get a ready-made wall storage solution, or add some hooks to a wooden trellis for a makeshift garden tool hanger. 

The Iron Multi-hook from Waitrose is ideal for neatly storing your tools and still keeping them accessible. It comes in either portrait or landscape so you can pick the design that would best suit your space. 

Waitrose iron multi-hook

(Image: © Waitrose)

6. Pile up crates and baskets

Crates, baskets and even old pallets can be great for storing smaller, everyday gardening items. They are sustainable, too, and will make a great feature in an eco-friendly garden

Stack up these wooden crates from A Place for Everything, and no one need know that they are actually filled with deflated footballs, muddy boots, and neglected garden tools…

Wooden storage crates

(Image: © A Place for Everything)

Top Tip: You could also wall mount crates to create a rustic style shelving unit. 

7. Upcycle your unwanted furniture

You know that old piece of furniture you have been promising to take to the skip for months? See if it could be put to use outdoors. A chest of drawers or an old writing desk could be perfect for storing a whole host of items, and provides an extra surface for growing a container garden. Just ensure that you use solid wood furniture, protect it well with an appropriate exterior paint, or keep it somewhere that is protected from the elements.

Upcycle indoor furniture

(Image: © The National Trust)

8. Make your log storage a focal point

Unless you have copious amounts of room indoors, keeping your stash of logs outdoors is essential. But log storage needn’t be purely practical, if you invest in something decorative it can turn a big pile of wood into a beautiful focal point. 

The Log Store from The Vintage Industrial has different sections so you can easily organise your firewood and its striking design would make a centrepiece in any garden. 

The Vintage Industrial log store

(Image: © Not on the Highstreet)

9. Hide away those bins

Useful as they may be, wheelie bins don’t provide much aesthetic appeal, and the last thing you want while dining alfresco is for your view to be spoilt by a rainbow of different-coloured plastic bins. Fortunately, there are plenty of storage solutions designed specifically to disguise your unsightly rubbish. 

The Heritage Bin Store from B&Q can fit two wheelie bins and has lifting lids that attach to the lid of your bin so it is still easily accessible. 

Heritage Bin Store

(Image: © B&Q)

10. Find an arbour with under seat storage 

An arbour is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the sunshine – or seek refuge from a downpour – but many do also feature handy under-seat storage. The seating inside the Winchester Outdoor Arbour from Rowlinson has a removable lid so you can store away cushions, throws, and any other bits and bobs you might want to stow away.

Winchester outdoor arbour

(Image: © Cuckooland)

11. Get an outdoor party station

Say goodbye to awkwardly trying to balance plates and glasses on the nearest wall, seat or ceramic toadstool. Barbeque workstations provide extra surface space for outdoor entertaining and usually come with plenty of storage for your barbeque accessories. 

This outdoor prep table from Keter not only has copious amounts of lockable storage it also has an added spice rack, paper towel holder and bottle opener. The stainless steel worktop is also ideal for prepping, meaning you no longer have to spend the whole of your barbeque party alone in the kitchen!

Barbecue accessories trolley

(Image: © Garden 4 less)

12. Store compost in plastic storage tubs

Flexible plastic tubs are ideal for controlling open bags of compost that have a tendency to litter the garden with unwanted trails of soil. 

Flexi Tubs from Stewart Garden come in three different sizes, are lightweight and durable, and have comfort grip handles to make it easier to lug around your garden essentials. 

Garden flexi-tub

(Image: © Stewart Gardens)

13. Make your storage portable 

Tired of dragging all your gardening tools around with you as you work? Get yourself some portable storage. And no, we are not talking about a rusty old wheelbarrow. There are plenty of garden storage options that conveniently come on wheels. 

The Tool Truk from Rowlinson is big enough for larger tools and has a removable plastic basket for stashing smaller implements. And when you are done gardening for the day you can just roll it into your shed or outhouse. 

Rowlinson garden tool truk

(Image: © Rowlinson )

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