The best small sheds for your garden

Our pick of the best small sheds will keep your small garden neat and tidy

best small sheds for a small garden: Store it out’ Arc Plastic Garden Storage Box 1200L B&Q
Best small sheds for a small garden: Store it out’ Arc Plastic Garden Storage Box 1200L B&Q
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The best small sheds are designed to help you make the most of space in a small garden? There are lots of compact designs on the market, but what should you look for in a small garden shed? Well, small doesn't have to mean basic. From simple, classic designs to smarter, painted options, we have gathered the best small garden sheds in our buyer's guide.

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Where to buy the best small garden sheds

As a bare minimum, even the smallest of sheds should have a couple of shelves. Better, fancier designs will have additional storage compartments in the roof or on the side, too. And others will allow you to display pots on top. 

1. Choose a weatherproof, well-designed shed

The Perugia Wooden Tool Shed by dCor design boasts a smart, curved design and waterproofing, including a waterproof roof. Built-in shelving will help you stay organised. Available at Wayfair. 

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best shed for small garden: Perugia 3.6 ft. W x 2.7 ft. D Wooden Tool Shed by dCor design

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2. Make the most of multiple storage compartments

This slim Apex garden shed has a clever storage compartment under the roof, and built-in shelving in the bottom half; 63cm wide and weatherproof, it's a perfect slim number for very small outdoor space or patios.

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best small wooden shed: Compact Apex Wooden Tool Shed by Kingfisher

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3. Go for a sloping design in front gardens

If the only garden you have is a small front garden, then you may need to think a bit differently about your garden shed. Avoid tall sentry designs, opting for a sloping, lower design instead. The Rowlinson Mini Garden Storage is only 150cm tall and 93.5cm wide, so it can easily sit by your front porch. 

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4. Compromise with a tall garden storage box

If you want your shed to be as inconspicuous as possible (important if your outdoor space is really tiny), consider getting a rustic, untreated light wood number. The Aldsworth Tall Outdoor Storage Box from Garden Trading is just the thing – crafted from FSC-certified spruce, it will blend in with the neutral colours of garden walls and paths, so you will forget it's even there at all. It doesn't have additional compartments, but it's so good-looking that we forgive it. 

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best storage box for small garden: Garden Trading Aldsworth tall outdoor storage box

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5. Store your wheelie bin in a storage box

The Arc Plastic Garden Storage Box from B&Q is sturdy and secure, with a locking mechanism. You can store your wheelie bins in it (the doors cater to that), but it's also great for tools and plant pots. 

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best garden bin storage: Store it out’ Arc Plastic Garden Storage Box 1200L B&Q

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6. Only need storage for wellies? There's a shed for that

If you don't really have any tools that need dedicated storage, but love muddy welly walks, what you need is not a conventional shed at all, but a specialised welly boot storage shed. The Welly Boot Storage from Sue Ryder is very practical, and nice-looking with its painted finish. 

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Welly boot storage in sage

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