The house is now a shell

Zoe returns to her site to check on progress

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Meet the owner: Zoë Sheridan-Wasey

Zoë is a former marketing manager for a popular stove and fireplace manufacturer, a career she enjoyed for ten years while simultaneously undertaking five renovation projects. She has always loved home renovating and interior design, but this is by far her largest project to date: renovating, rebuilding and extending a large family home on her dream acre plot in Devon. This time, two small sons are competing with the build for her attention, while her completion date is looming…

Follow her blog over the coming months as she charts the highs and lows of the build.

Inside of Zoe's build

Room taking shape during build

Once the shock of the changes had worn off I was rather excited by the speed at which things had progressed, even if we had to go backwards before we could move on. It also made me consider how much easier things would have been for the builders if we’d moved out earlier, but this was weighed up against the cost of temporary accommodation and the very real benefits of staying on the site and being in constant direct contact with the project. It’s a tough call and a dilemma that I would advise anyone taking on a build to carefully weigh up.

With the building now a blank canvas, I am pleased how rapidly the house has been revived with new floors and new internal walls built. The final layout of the rooms is tangible and we can wander around and envisage how life will eventually flow in our ‘new’ home. I can’t wait – our initial deadline of finishing by Christmas is looming!