10 small kitchen Feng Shui mistakes you don't want to be making

Small kitchen Feng Shui mistakes can really have an effect on your space

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You're going to want to avoid these small kitchen Feng Shui mistakes if you spend a lot of time cooking for friends and family. Although we want good vibes while we cook and spend time in our kitchens, performing Feng Shui the appropriate way is a must.

Setting up your kitchen in the most optimal way can really help with day-to-day use, as it will be in its most functional state. In other words, improving the flow and energy of any space can make quite a difference.

If you're running out of small kitchen ideas and need some new inspo, look no further. I spoke with interior design and Feng Shui experts about the major small kitchen Feng Shui mistakes you could possibly be making.

10 small kitchen Feng Shui mistakes

You may think you know the basics of Feng Shui for apartments or small spaces, but our experts found some very common mistakes people are making in their kitchens. See the small details you can change to improve your space.

1. Open shelving

Interior Designer Sylvia James explained that open shelves are really popular in kitchens but when you’ve got a lack of storage space, these can become dangerously overloaded and cluttered. 

If you want to keep the shelves, she suggests sorting items into storage baskets. These neutral SixDove storage baskets available on Amazon come in a pack of four so you can stock up. Plus, they'll match everything in your kitchen so it looks more cohesive.

2. Dark colors

There are lots of dark and fiery colors associated with the elements in Feng Shui, but overusing these on walls and cabinets can make a kitchen feel angry and claustrophobic. 

"So, try using them in smaller doses," said James. "For example, you might choose a black sink and tap or a red rug."

Painting a small accent wall or a backsplash with a dark color can help make the space pop without looking too dark or overwhelming.

3. Overhead racks

Although it’s handy, having overhead racks on display gives off bad energy. Having pots and pans overhead can feel claustrophobic and limit the flow of energy.

Try storing most things in drawers and cabinets so they're out of sight (some kitchen cabinet organizers can help with this). 

Well-designed drawers are key in a small kitchen. James stated these should be next to your stove, so you have everything to hand.

4. Knives on display

Having kitchen knives on display can create a sense of danger and chaos in a small kitchen. Instead, store knives in a drawer organizer or cabinet and use closed shelving for other items. 

"Knives are sharp and can be dangerous if they are not properly stored," said James. "It is important to keep them out of reach of children and pets."

Invest in a universal knife block, like this Mantello knife holder available on Amazon, and tuck it into a kitchen cabinet for safekeeping.

5. Placing your stove opposite your door

James mentioned that placing your stove opposite your door is a common mistake. This means your back is facing the door while you’re cooking. 

Ideally, you want to be in view of your doorway to achieve a supportive energy. This also helps to keep your kitchen sociable. So, plan your kitchen layout carefully before installing your kitchen.

6. Not rearranging your space

If you often find yourself annoyed about where something is located or have trouble reaching some of your everyday utensils, change things up!  You can always rearrange the design of your small kitchen.

"When we live with something that keeps showing up as an obstacle in our lives, we energetically train ourselves to not only expect but deal with things being difficult on a day-to-day basis," explains Interior Decorator and Feng Shui Practitioner Julia Sarasola.

7. Non-working stove

Make sure your stove is fully functional. Your stove is directly linked to your resources, health, wealth, and nourishment. You'll also want to make sure you're cleaning your stove so it's always ready to use.

"If something isn't working properly or is broken, fix it as soon as possible," suggested Sarasola. "Otherwise, you are energetically limiting yourself."

8. Not decluttering

Feng Shui Practitioner Amanda Gibby Peters suggests paying attention to things that are more than halfway full. Decluttering your home is essential to promoting positive energy in any room.

Wealth — in the simplest terms — is stimulated by our consciousness of abundance. When we have too many “almost gone” containers or jars, it has a similar metaphorical connotation for our wealth.

9. Overusing Mirrors

Try keeping mirrors to a minimum in your small kitchen. When it comes to Feng Shui, anything with a mirror is reflective, therefore, utensils, knives, plates, and other kitchen items are considered to be mirror-like and will already live in your kitchen. 

With this said the reflective properties these items contain could maximize the chi throughout any nook and cranny of your kitchen, which could be either good or bad depending on your personal energy. 

10. Don’t use decorative objects with negative energy

Toss away any broken dishes or glasses once they break as they bring negative energy into your small kitchen space. Plus, they add to clutter since you're not using them.

Invest in new items that’ll bring a fresh perspective and vibe to your kitchen. While it may be hard to part with your favorite pasta bowl, we promise it's for the best if it's broken or chipped.

Meet the Experts

Interior Designer
Sylvia James

Sylvia is an interior designer from Homehow.co.uk, who is passionate and committed to designing unique home interiors, with a strong focus on detail and communication. 

Feng Shui Practitioner
Julia Sarasola

Julia Sarasola is a certified interior decorator, Feng Shui practitioner, and vintage shop owner based in the NY Metro Area. Trained as a visual designer, Julia has professional experience as a creative director, wardrobe stylist, and producer.

Feng Shui Practitioner
Amanda Gibby Peters

Amanda Gibby Peters is the founder of Simple Shui — a modern-day, mission-driven, love-based practice of Feng Shui. She’s been teaching Feng Shui techniques and tips for nearly two decades, witnessing the life transformations of her readers and clients.


Why do I need Feng Shui in my small kitchen?

Working in a small kitchen means utilizing what little space you have in the best way possible. Incorporating Feng Shui will help the space be more efficient. You'll also feel a better energy flow and the room can have a calming effect. 

What else can I do to improve the look of my small kitchen?

Improving the look and feel of your kitchen starts with the basics of the design. Finding the best paint color for a small kitchen will help you get started with the basics of Feng Shui. Then start decorating and arranging until it feels right to you.

Now that we're all aware of these Feng Shui mistakes, our small kitchens won't experience bad vibes during our cook-offs, bake-offs, and more. You may want to optimize other areas of the home with small bedroom Feng Shui and other ideas.

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