5 easy steps to declutter your home

Bye bye trash 👋

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Let me guess: you’re probs reading this because you’re ready for a declutter. When you’re facing a pile of items that need sorting through, it can feel real daunting. But when once everything is all organized, you’re gonna feel so good, promise.

Decluttering is one of my fave things to do ATM, as I actually find it quite therapeutic to just get in a zone and get it done. I highly recommend setting aside a couple of hours, sticking on some jams, and just having a vibe.

This five-step guide will break down everything you need to do to declutter your home, so you can follow along and get the job done. So, scroll on down and get started on your decluttering sesh (or screenshot for later — I know things get busy)...

Here’s how to declutter your home in just five steps

Get your apartment looking so fresh with these simple steps. I’ve also listed out products that will help you with the process, that we love at Real Homes and that shoppers rate too.

Step 1: Visualize the finished product

I’m all about manifestation: think about what you want, and you can get what you want. Apply this to your space and visualize what you want the finished rooms to look like, then apply this to then decluttering and organizing. This will not only help motivate you, but will also help you think about what you initially want to get rid of, which will make it less stressy when you get to that point.

Step 2: Sort items into piles

Go through room by room, and sort your items into two categories: keep and throw away. Before doing this, you could lay out fabric such as a blanket or bath towel to make it easier to transport those items around the house if needs be. When debating whether to throw something away, think about how much you use it and whether it has sentimental value. If it’s not useful and doesn’t mean anything to you, it def belongs in the trash.

Step 3: Take out the trash

Now you’ve got your trash pile you can then sort this through into things that are genuine trash and things that could be donated. If they are in good condition — AKA aren’t dirty or broken — set them aside to either offer to friends and family or to donate to a thrift shop. This is much more eco-friendly than throwing away absolutely everything you don’t need. Obvi, some things are beyond saving, and you can just get rid of those guilt-free. 

 Step 4: Label up storage boxes and containers 

Labelling up your boxes will make it easy to see what is where and what needs to go where. This way, you can just pull out what you need without having to rummage through your cupboards and cabinets. Labels are also great for separating out items that are just better apart (like you and your ex), such as groceries in the fridge and bathroom toiletries. Sticker labels that you can write on are handy AF, as are handheld label makers.

Step 5: Organize the remaining items

Any items that are loose and that aren’t decor can be stored away neatly. This is super useful to do, so you can keep them contained tidily and know where they are in future. In the bedroom you can use under-bed storage and fabric storage cubes, in the kitchen you can use fridge organizers, and in the bathroom you can use organizer racks and glass containers. Oh, and in the living room you can get real creative, with clever storage solutions like ottomans and coffee tables with hidden storage.

Boom — how easy was that? All your clutter has magically disappeared. Well it wasn’t magic, it was all you. And if you want to go all-out on the decluttering, try out our 30-day decluttering challenge for a serious home sort out. 

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