Yep, these are the best kitchen utensil sets for a stylish kitchen — that WILL last

Your utensils can make or break your kitchen

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When my boyfriend and I first moved into our own place, I embarked on a home shopping spree with kitchen utensils at the top of my list. Yes, perhaps he found it alarming that I forgot bathroom towels and pillows but remembered a silicone spatula and spaghetti ladle but this girl has priorities — and cake and pasta are two of them. 

Investing in some good, trusty kitchen utensils is a decision you will be grateful for. Trust me: you won’t thank yourself for saving a few cents when your serving spoon rusts, your whisk head falls off and you scratch your amazing nonstick frying pan beyond repair. I consider form and function when shopping for kitchen utensils and have put together a roundup of the best kitchen utensil sets in different materials to suit different households. 

Quick Menu:
1. Silicone sets
2. Stainless steel sets
3. Wooden sets

Even if cooking isn’t your forté, I’m a big believer in “fake it ‘till you make it” and kitting your kitchen out with the proper utensils (and even some cool kitchen gadgets) is the first step worth taking. However, sometimes choosing which utensils are necessities and which are an indulgence too far is half of the task. So, stick to the basics with these essential kitchen utensil sets and build up your arsenal from there! 

And once you're sorted, why not head to our guide on how to organize your kitchen utensils for a clutter-free countertop situ.

The best kitchen utensil sets to buy

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Silicone kitchen utensil sets

Your kitchen utensil collection is never complete without a silicone situation. Especially when it comes to baking, a silicone spatula is a must for making sure that bowl looks sparkling clean before it has even been washed! User-friendly and fantastic if you have kids, these are the tools you'll be happy to share with the little ones if they fancy playing sous-chef at any point. With a surprisingly high heat-resistance and the benefit of being non-porous, you don't have to worry about smells and stains getting left behind on these bad boys.  

Stainless steel kitchen utensil sets to do it like the chefs do

Stainless steel kitchen utensil set

I like my kitchen utensils like I like my men: non-toxic. Opting for stainless steel utensils means no corrosion, rust or unwanted flavors will be imparted while you're cooking. Your secret weapon if you're looking for durability and heat-resistance, this non-reactive material works wonders at high heats. What's more, they work with all kinds of kitchens because they're well, just metal! These are the kind of kitchen utensils you'll find if you have a little poke around a restaurant's kitchen. So, if it's good enough for Gordon Ramsay, it's good enough for me. 

Wooden kitchen utensil sets

Wooden kitchen utensils are traditional, timeless and reliable. They feel good in your hand and will never go out of style. Not only are loads of cute models available, but they also have loads of super beneficial qualities that make them ideal to equip your kitchen with. Beyond this, of course wood isn't a conductor of heat, meaning you can minimise those kitchen battle scars! Finally, kind to your pots and pans and naturally antibacterial, all wood kitchen utensils need is some gentle handwashing and in return will serve your favorite meals well (you might become weirdly attached to your wooden spoon... speaking from experience). 


What is the most long-lasting material for kitchen utensils?

What's the point in splashing your cash on some funky kitchen utensils if they're destined to rust, snap or bend in the near future? When buying kitchen utensils you have to consider a few things: your budget, the design, the comfort of use and whether the material is durable. Durability takes into account toxicity, heat-resistance and how physically sturdy your utensils are. 

So, with this in mind, I asked expert Norah Clark, Chef and food writer for her advice on the winning kitchen utensil material: "Stainless steel wins the race hands down. They're sturdy, resistant to heat, and don’t harbor bacteria. But keep in mind, they might scratch your non-stick cookware. If you use a lot of non-stick pots and pans, opt for silicone or wooden utensils."

Basically, in short: "If you can't handle the heat, get out the kitchen" is a phrase that stain-resistant steel kitchen utensils quite simply have never heard.

What kitchen utensils do you need?

"It depends on your cooking habits. But generally, you can't go wrong with a good chef’s knife, a spatula, a pair of tongs, a whisk, a ladle, and a peeler. If you bake, a rolling pin and a pastry brush would also be nice to have." says Norah.

Oh, and if you're wondering what the experts consider an over-indulgence or just quite frankly, unnecessary, it's this, according to Executive Chef Steve Chiappetti of the Albert Restaurant in downtown Chicago: "Garlic press. You don’t need one. Sliced garlic is better when cooking your traditional pasta and honestly, just use the flat part of a knife to smash the garlic. It’s easier and you won’t have to deal with cleaning all the garlic bits that get stuck in the traditional press."

How we chose these kitchen utensil sets

These kitchen utensil sets were carefully chosen based on their customer reviews. We've only featured sets that customers rate highly, and ones that are great value for money, while being sure to feature a range of materials.

Where to buy kitchen utensil sets

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