Project notes: Victorian pumping station

Alison Grey shares her tips for a successful period renovation

Alison Grey and family

If I could change one thing…

‘…we probably could have completed the project a little faster, but we wouldn’t have achieved exactly what we wanted. In some cases we stalled on making a decision as we weren’t 100 per cent sure, but that proved to be best for the build in the end.’

My favourite spot

Definitely the kitchen/living room, because it’s a great place to hang out when family and friends come to visit.’

My top tip

‘Make sure you plan your finances. It would have been very difficult if we hadn’t had the money to finish the project. Also, make sure you do it at the right time of your life, for you. And don’t get too stressed about it – if something’s not working, then take a step back.’

Tour: Restored Victorian pumping station