Project notes: Renovated derelict farmhouse

Breeda Rochford offers her advice for renovating a period home

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Breeda Rochford offers her advice for renovating a period home.

What I’ve learnt

‘Just to follow your dreams. We weren’t put off by the huge task ahead and we stuck to our values to save this unloved property, working with the original features and using traditional materials wherever it was possible.’

My top tip

‘If you are taking on a large renovation project, start with the roof. Check all the timbers and make sure it is properly insulated. This is especially important in old properties. The French drains that were dug around our house were a huge help with the damp, and I would advise anyone restoring an old home to look at doing this.’

My best buy

‘We found a really good deal on all the salvaged timber and used it throughout the house, on the ceilings, walls and floors.’

Owners Breeda and Philip Rochford

My go-to store

‘We both enjoy visiting O’Tooles in Wexford to buy pieces for the farmhouse, as it offers a good selection of antiques.’

If I could change one thing…

‘…I would double-glaze all the windows to keep in the warmth during the winter months. I would also like to have made the rear window openings larger to make the house feel lighter, while keeping them in proportion with the rest of the house.’

My favourite spot

‘We love the snug that we built at the side of the house; it turned out really well. It has lovely large windows, so it provides lots of natural light year-round, and it’s a space that we use all the time.’

Tour: Renovated derelict farmhouse