Give your home the wow-factor: Part two

Create impact and add value to your home with these design ideas from renovation expert Michael Holmes. Add a glazed roof, scene lighting or a wetroom or even go minimalist with the pared-back look to update your home.

Add value to your home and create impact with one of these great ideas for your interiors. Add a new lighting design, glazed roof or flueless fire, convert your bathroom into a wetroom or strip down your interiors for the pared back look. Renovation expert Michael Holmes explains.

1. Glazed roof

Whether it’s a roof, wall or a whole room, structural glazing is always an impressive feature.

A glazed roof is a great way to bring in light from above. This can be important when extending at the rear of your house, to ensure existing rooms don’t lose much light.

A simple and inexpensive way to add wow-factor is to use a bank of off-the-shelf rooflights (try VELUX), but with structural glazing it’s often possible to cover a whole flat or pitched roof with unsupported glass (try Cantifix). Larger spans can be supported by glass beams. If required, a glazed roof can be designed to slide open (try Sliding Roofs).

Using self-cleaning glass will make life easier, and solar control glass will help prevent overheating.

For a small budget, a frameless glass rooflight is a great option for a smaller area and will cost less than £2,000 plus VAT (try Glazing Vision).

Adding rooflights or glazed roofing doesn’t usually require planning permission, provided the work complies with the permitted development rules.

2. The pared back look

Leaving traditional materials exposed as part of a modern, pared back look is a great way to retain character and interest when extending or renovating your home. Old brick or stonework makes a fantastic feature wall, especially with light washing over the surface to highlight the texture, so don’t automatically plaster over interesting materials and finishes. Instead clean up original walls, floorboards and structural timbers.

Cleaning up old materials can be very cost-effective if you do the work yourself. If you are paying other people to do it for you, it can be more expensive than replastering the walls or buying new wooden flooring – however, the finish will give your home more character.

3. Scene Lighting

Transform your home with layered task, ambient and accent lighting, ideally with pre-set scene controls. From £692.50 plus VAT for a four-circuit set-up with four lighting scenes. Try Rako Controls.

4. Flueless fireplace

You don’t need a chimney or a flue to have a cool contemporary fireplace with real flames if you burn denatured ethanol. Prices start from £500. Try the Vision fireplace by EcoSmart.

5. Mural wallpaper

Create a feature wall with any image you like blown up onto wallpaper by Murals Wallpaper. They cost £24-£30 per m² plus VAT.

6. Pocket doors

These simply slide away and disappear into the wall – ideal for flexible living space when you want the option to close a room off or go open-plan. Eclisse sliding door kits start from £295.

7. Add a wetroom

This is a clutter-free, streamlined look where the floor becomes your shower tray and the room your shower enclosure. Kits from DIY Wetroom start from around £500, including delivery and VAT.

Photographer credits: Nigel Rigden (Glass roof); Simon Maxwell (Pared back look); Stone Age (Wetroom)