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5 great bedroom storage ideas to motivate a declutter this weekend

Let these bedroom storage ideas inspire a bit of a Bank Holiday declutter...

Bedroom storage ideas
(Image credit: Ikea)

Is space tight in your bedroom? Are your drawers overflowing? Well, these bedroom storage ideas are for you. And since it's the Bank Holiday weekend coming up and you probably have a bit more time on your hands, why not just dedicate an hour or so to having a quick bedroom tidy up (you can award yourself later with a bucket of G&T, okay?)

We’ve sourced our five favourite pieces of furniture so you can create a harmonious space for both you and your belongings! So just keep on scrolling to get inspired to have a declutter and treat yourself to some cute new pieces that will help your bedroom stay that way. For more bedroom storage ideas, make sure you check out our full feature too. 

1. Pick out a sleek bedside table

Bedroom storage ideas

(Image credit: Dwell)

Do you love an all-white bedroom? Or do you need a white piece of furniture to break up a busy scheme? This modern curvy number is called Notch and it will suit any modern style bedroom. Always choose a design that has deep drawers – this one has two so plenty of room and there’s enough space on the top for a bedside lamp and books.

2. Upgrade to a bang on-trend wardrobe

Bedroom storage ideas

(Image credit: Ikea)

An ‘open’ wardrobe – whatever next? Well, this NORDKISA bamboo design will certainly make you keep your clothes neat and tidy due to you being able to see them! But we think that’s a bonus, and it definitely fits the Japandi trend that’s around right now. The sliding door is a great addition too if you are tight on space, no door opening out into your room.

3. A bedroom chair can always double up as storage 

Bedroom storage ideas

(Image credit: Next)

Okay, so this is not strictly a ‘storage’ piece, but chairs are an extremely useful item to have in a bedroom. Of course you can sit and relax in it, but also, they are great for laying out clothes. You can hang tomorrow’s outfit over the back and it will be easy to grab in the morning. We'll be honest, our bedroom chair tends to be the home of tops we have only worn once as they live in limbo between the dresser and washing machine... Next’s Hamilton chair has a cosy shape and we love the sumptuous quilt design at the back and it’s pink – what’s not to love? 

4. Always make the most of underbed bedroom storage

Bedroom storage ideas

(Image credit: Button & Sprung)

When space is really tight and you can’t squeeze another wardrobe in, then consider a bed with storage underneath. They can be pricier, but it will give you oodles of extra space. All those seasonal clothes you don’t need, those extra throws and the winter duvet can all be tucked safely in. This stunning bed is called Willow and you can check it out on Button & Sprung. 

5. Invest in a sideboard for stylish bedroom storage

Bedroom storage ideas

(Image credit: Very)

A sideboard? Yes! They work really well in bedrooms, the low profile means they are great for popping a TV on and you can use the drawers for tops and undies. Very’s Scandi design shown here is called Monty, the cupboards are perfect for throws and spare cushions and there’s plenty of space on top for a lamp or two. 

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