5 GORGEOUS kitchen ideas that prove wallpaper can perform magic

Be inspired by these kitchen ideas and see how you can use wallpaper to totally revamp your space cheaply and quickly

5 kitchen ideas that prove wallpaper is basically magic
(Image credit: Katie Lee)

Looking for a super easy kitchen ideas? In case you didn't know we hear at Real Homes are big into very quick, very easy ways to revamps rooms  – minimal effort, maximal reward. And we think wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to change up your space without spending too much time or money. 

Wallpaper in hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, all pretty standard but we have seen a trend sneaking through of wallpaper in kitchens. So we had a little hunt through Instagram to find a few looks that would be so easy to copy to give your kitchen a mini makeover. 

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1. Go for a calm rustic feel with floral wallpaper

How lovely is @timberfields' kitchen? We love that the colours of the wallpaper are calming and muted but still add a nice wash of colour. Also you would only need one roll to do a small wall in your kitchen most of them will have cabinets on anyway, so it's really cheap way of updating your room and adding some pattern. 

2. Be bold with contrasting colours

Pink and green should never been seen right? WRONG. And @peacockfinds proves it! The teal and blush pink look gorgeous together so don't always play it safe, maybe pick a wallpaper in a colour that contrasts with your cabinets – it could be the start of a whole new colour scheme! And if it doesn't work, it's just wallpaper, you can paste over it or paint it. Go on be brave!

Take a tour around the rest of this amazing house for plenty more inspiration. 

3. Create a retro vibe with lovely yellows 

Loving the vintage feel of this kitchen by @vintageinteriorxx, and it's a look you so easily copy by picking out a wallpaper that's going to bring those retro vibes. This lemon yellow is definitely a bit of throwback colour, oranges, olive greens and browns would work well too. Then just stock on vintage accessories in colours that will compliment your wallpaper. Etsy have loads of fab kitchen accessories and decorations so head there for shopping inspo. 

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4. Make a small kitchen feel bigger with wallpaper

Think your small kitchen can't handle a bold patterned wallpaper? Think again. Wallpaper looks great in small space because it blurs the edges of room, instantly making it feel bigger and this kitchen demonstrates this perfectly. The bold print of Cole & Son's Frutto Proibito works perfectly with the colour of the cabinets and we like how it's been brought down onto the splashback too, again this helps with the space-expanding.

5. Use wallpaper to add instant cladding 

How STUNNING is this space by @kringlagarden! The feature wall just brings the perfect amount of texture to a very white, very clean kitchen. And yes,  this is wallpaper! Cladding and shiplap walls are very in at the moment and you can totally cheat the look with wallpaper – you can pick up really realistic 'wooden' wallpaper really inexpensively on Amazon

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