Period Living is Britain's fastest-growing homes magazine!

The nation's love of nostalgia, vintage and characterful homes is on the increase, as we embrace the charm of sitting down with a good magazine

Period Living is now Britain's fastest growing homes magazine

In this modern age, when we are overwhelmed with digital channels competing for our attention, and a challenging political landscape brings uncertainty about the future, it's comforting to get lost in a good magazine and look back to simpler times.

Period Living has long been the UK's best-selling period homes magazine, but thanks to an ever-increasing interest in characterful properties, vintage and nostalgia, it's now the fastest growing, too.

Official ABC reports out this week show a 6 per cent year on year circulation growth over the last year, in a market where most other homes magazines – and magazines in general – have seen a decline. This makes Period Living Britain's fastest-growing homes magazine.

So, if it's been a while since you sat down with a good magazine, why not pick up the latest issue of Period Living and discover what all the fuss is about? Or, if you love the magazine and want it delivered to your door every month, it's a great time to subscribe.

Period Living March 2019 Cover