10 wonderful Georgian homes

If you're lucky enough to live in a Georgian property and are seeking interiors inspiration, or simply enjoy nosing around beautiful homes, take a look at our selection of Georgian houses

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Georgian houses are frequently voted the most architecturally desirable style of property in the UK. Symmetry and proportion are at the heart of the design of Georgian homes, mimicking the classical architecture of Greece and Rome. Decoration and ornamentation is usually understated, and the large, open rooms create a great sense of airiness, light and luxury.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a Georgian home, or simply want to get your quick fix of glorious architecture, take inspiration and ideas from this selection of glorious Georgian properties.



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 1.  Restored Grade II-listed Georgian house 

Owners Alice and Harry Gates were lucky enough to inherit this incredible Georgian farmhouse. When the house came into their possession in 2010, they jumped at the chance to move from London to the Wiltshire countryside.  

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The house was not in the best condition, and in need of some urgent maintenance when they took on the project. The plumbing and electrics had not been updated since the 1950s, and a neighbouring tree had begun to grow through the roof. With a sensitive renovation, Harry and Alice have successfully adapted the Georgian home to suit their modern way of living, while retaining its original features. 

 2. A renovated Georgian family home 

Rebecca Young and her husband Mark knew that when they bought their home in Kent in 2010 they would have to live with a work in progress for many years; the Grade II listed Georgian property looks impressive from the outside but needs a lot of renovation on the inside. They decided to start work with the heart of the home: using all their wits and negotiating skills they have created a smart, user-friendly kitchen for less than £6,000.

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 3. A Georgian cottage on a hill 

A house built on a challenging and complicated site is often enough to turn off most potential buyers – but not Tash and Martin Heydon. They had decided that this Georgian cottage was for them before they had even gone inside. In fact, it was the interesting, hilltop setting that sold the property to them.


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Once they stepped foot inside, however, the interior of the property was disappointing – a damp warren of rooms with two staircases but no way to get from one side of the house to another. The Heydons were keen to preserve the history of the property in their renovations, and retain its original features, and carefully reconfigured the layout to create a spacious and relaxed family home.

 4. A Georgian family home 

Amy and Philip Matthews fell for this characterful, rambling Georgian house immediately. Located in a beautiful village setting, its façade was framed by climbing roses and box trees, and the interior was full of original features.

‘It looked absolutely glorious,’ says Amy. ‘We had been for a general nosey around the area and knew parts of it well. I remember thinking how pretty the village was, and then being completely wowed by the house.’


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Although the house was in good condition when the couple took it on, the renovation work required included new electrics, replumbing, remodelling the bathrooms, redecorating, and childproofing the garden – including removing a pond. ‘There was a lot to do,’ Amy admits. 

‘But as there was nothing structural to tackle, we were able to move quickly.’ Within four months they had completed their renovations and the interior is now filled with a mix of antique, vintage and contemporary pieces.

 5. Restored Georgian farmhouse 

After renting in Norfolk for five years while waiting for the right renovation project to come along, Pamela and Jason Crawley finally found this Georgian farmhouse a few miles from Norwich, in 2009. 

Enlisting the help of their son James, who is equally passionate about historic architecture, the family have completely restored what was a dilapidated house into one with period style and splendour.

large restored Georgian farmhouse with white walls and red roof

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 6. A Georgian ancestral home 

After spending half a lifetime restoring his old ancestral home in Cambridgeshire, rescuing it from a dilapidated state following a serious fire, Christopher Vane Percy is now ready to pass it on to the next generation.

‘At some point, my wife Linda and I will move into the mews house in the garden and our children will take over the running of this property,’ he says. ‘This house has absorbed so many generations over the centuries and it loves being filled with people.

Georgian ancestral home

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 7. A Georgian townhouse restoration 

When Sandy and Peter Borchert first saw this property in the late 1990s, they realised they had found a house that would give them an opportunity to stretch their renovation muscles; and the end result would provide them with a unique family home for the foreseeable future. Their vision to unify the original Georgian building with its subsequent additions more than justified the judges’ decision to name this the Best Townhouse in our Readers’ Homes Awards 2011.


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 8. An artist’s Georgian home 

When owners Simon and Sheridan Casson bought this Georgian property, the main house was in an utter state of disrepair. Underneath all the painted woodchip paper, old carpets and heavy drapes, were a multitude of problems, including rotting floor joists and 1930s wiring. 

The would-be art studio for Simon was being used as a garage, with the front completely open to the elements. Undeterred, they transformed it into a beautiful home, with the perfect studio for Simon’s work.


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 9. A restored Georgian terrace 

In 2001, when Rachel Short and Henry Bartram saw an auction sign go up along this desirable, tree-lined terrace of Georgian houses in Cross Street, Islington, they knew they had to buy the property. With the advice of their architect, Rachel and Henry was keen to keep the impact of the renovations on the house to a minimum, by using period-appropriate restoration materials.

transforming a derelict Georgian home

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With most of the work done and their former home sold, the couple finally moved in to the property during 2005, four years after buying. ‘Moving in was amazing. The house had suffered so much, but the surviving history has been recaptured through the love and hard work of everyone involved,’ says Rachel. The family continue to enjoy every inch of their restored Georgian home, and the buzzing location that first attracted them to it.

 10. A grey-stone Georgian house 

When owner Michelle Lewin discovered a large Grade II-listed Georgian house at the end of a quiet, private road, in Kendal, Cumbria, she felt as if she had hit the jackpot. The beautiful grey-stone property was part of a row of homes that sit on the edge of town and which were designed and built by renowned local architect George Webster, responsible for creating many of the notable buildings in the area.

The house was not without its problems, however, as not only had it not been touched in over 60 years, meaning it required major renovation work, but the owners, who had lived there for many years, were also reluctant to sell.

sensitive renovation of a Georgian house

Take a look at this restored, grey-stone Georgian house 

During her second viewing of the house, Michelle had a chance encounter with one of the owners, and got chatting to them about their mutual love of animals. With that, they decided that she was the right person to buy the house, and promptly accepted her offer of £350,000.

The sale was completed in 2010.‘I’d never owned a listed building before, so it was all new to me,’ says Michelle. Enlisting the help of a local architect, she restored and reinstated period features, including a stunning stained glass window in the bathroom, and has created a home that ‘I absolutely love.’