Wedding gift ideas: 51 wedding presents for every budget

Looking for wedding gift ideas to put on your list or to buy for a friend who hasn't registered a formal wedding gift list? Using our expert buyer's guides (and extensive wedding experience), we've compiled a list of the perfect wedding gift ideas. You can't go wrong

Wedding gift ideas: Mr & Mrs Mugs
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On the hunt for wedding gift ideas, whether for your own wedding present list or for a soon-to-be bride and groom? Between booking the perfect venue, putting together a gluten-free, vegan-, paleo-, fruitarian-friendly menu and having never-ending arguments about band or DJ (just go for both), there are very few things that are easy when it comes to planning a wedding. However, there are things that stop you from just giving up and eloping to Vegas to be married by an Elvis impersonator: cake tasting and picking items for your wedding gift list.

Or perhaps you're a wedding guest looking for ideas for a couple who haven't registered a wedding gift list? To help you choose what to buy – or include on your wedding gift list, we've pulled together an essential guide to wedding gift ideas, covering everything from Champagne glasses to the very best vacuum cleaner money can buy. 

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Wedding gift ideas: Tech essentials 

Let's get the techy wedding gift ideas out of the way first, since this is probably going to be where the most spendy wedding gifts live... Perfect wedding gift ideas for brides and grooms, there's something for every budget. You can find all our home tech over on The Hub.

1. Pick a vintage-style radio 

2. Upgrade your sound with a Smart Speaker

3. Choose an instant Photo Printer for candid wedding pics

4. Go old school with a Turntable

5. Boring but necessary, add a vacuum cleaner

6. Go for a travel sized projector

Wedding gift ideas: Kitchen appliances 

A wedding gift ideas list is the perfect excuse to kit out your kitchen with a load of new gadgets. Here, we have included the essentials (ie, a coffee machine) and the more indulgent kitchen appliance (but we promise once you actually own a waffle maker you will wonder how you ever coped without it)...

7. A fancy coffee machine is an essential

8. A stylish kettle

9. And a stylish toaster to match

10. Get the gift of 60 second pizza

11. Might as well throw in a pasta machine, too

12. Pick out a classic KitchenAid

13. Indulge in a waffle maker

14. Save yourself time with a slow cooker

15. And save money with a juicer

16. Portable BBQ? We think you need one

Wedding gift ideas: Kitchenware

Kitchenware is a classic wedding gift idea for friends. We've picked a mix of more traditional gifts (your Champagne glasses, china, pans, and what not), but there are a few cute surprises mixed in here too...

17. Classic Champagne Glass Saucers 

18. Some (very) Large Gin Glasses

19. A Signature Le Creuset Casserole dish is a must

20. Upgrade your hand-me-down pans

21. Pick out a dinner set

22. And you may as well get a Cutlery Set too

23. Choose a cute Lovebirds Platter

27. Add an oven dish to your wedding gift list

28. Pick a stylish salt and pepper mill

Wedding gift ideas: bedding and mattresses 

Fresh new bedding is a gorgeous wedding gift idea, and a new mattress is the perfect gift if you are moving somewhere new after your wedding, so we have rounded up the best bedding and mattresses to add to your wedding gift list...

29. New bedlinen is always a gorgeous gift

30. Your guests could treat you to the perfect duvet

31. And the perfect pillow to match 

32. Need a new mattress? Stick it on your wedding gift list

Wedding gift ideas: homewares

If you are a home lover be sure to add a few pieces of homeware to your wedding gift ideas list. We've picked out pieces that range in style and price so you are sure to find something you would love to be gifted...

33. Pick out some funky wall art 

34. Say it with a neon sign 

35. Luxury towels are always a good idea

36. You can't go wrong with a Scented Candle

37. You will definitely need a Wine Rack

38. Luggage is a practical wedding gift 

39. Pick out some throws and cushions 

41. Tablecloths and napkins are a practical (but pretty) choice

42. A cutesy Doormat for cutesy newlyweds

Wedding gift ideas: small gifts

Because the new girl you've worked with for all of six weeks but have invited as the rest of the team where all coming isn't going to want to fork out to buy you a KitchenAid, you need to have plenty of smaller ticketed items on your wedding gift ideas list. Here are some of our faves...

43. The classic (if not slightly clichéd) Mr & Mrs Mugs

44. A Personalised Wedding Gift idea: a Ring Dish

45. Cookery books

46. Or travel books

Wedding gift ideas: experiences and subscriptions

We love the idea of giving experience and subscriptions as gifts, so we say get a few of these on your wedding gift ideas list...

47. Choose a brand new experience 

48. Pick out a wine subscription 

49. Wine not your thing? Go for a flower subscription instead 

50. Ask your guests to add to a honeymoon fund

51. A subscription to your favourite homes magazine

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