The best Champagne glasses: from flutes to coupes

We say cheers to the best Champagne glasses, from glass to crystal, traditional and hand blown

The best Champagne glasses

On the hunt for some shiny, new best Champagne glasses? Beautiful Champagne glasses should be more than just a sight for special occasions. They make a fine display for a dresser or a cabinet, with their intricate, delicate design. But, whether you plan to put them to regular use or save them for very special occasions, we’ve put together a guide to help you choose the best Champagne glass for you. 

With everything in mind, we’ve sourced the best Champagne glasses from renowned department stores Selfridges, House of Fraser and John Lewis. Offerings from designers such as Vera Wang feature, but traditionalists really can’t go wrong with a Waterford. 

What are the best Champagne glasses you can buy?

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We think the best Champagne glasses you can buy are the Riedel Vinum Champagne Glasses (opens in new tab). They're a classic design made from lead crystal to ensure the bubbles stay in your drink for longer. Read on for more details.

Haven't got time to read the entire guide? We've listed the best three Champagne glasses you can buy, as well as the cheapest prices.

How to buy the best Champagne glasses

Where to buy the best Champagne glasses

M&S Champagne glasses (opens in new tab)
John Lewis & Partners Champagne glasses (opens in new tab)
Amazon Champagne glasses (opens in new tab)
Debenhams Champagne glasses (opens in new tab)
Amara Champagne glasses (opens in new tab)
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Argos Champagne glasses (opens in new tab)

Which shape?

Unless your Champagne is particularly aged, a flute is the best Champagne glass. Its narrow shape encourages the carbonation of the wine, helping it to stay fizzy for longer, which is perfect for when you’re sipping slowly over a long evening. Brut and extra brut wines need the fizz so they remain palatable, but flavoursome fizzies like Rosé Prosecco and particularly aged Champagne are best served in a tulip glass so the aromas have more space to mingle. 

According to wine experts, the wider the rim diameter, the better we can smell the wine’s aroma, which makes our second top pick, the Waterford Lismore Toasting Flutes (opens in new tab), particularly favourable for Champagne and Prosecco. 

Which material?

If we are to go into the finer details of choosing the best Champagne glass, the material of the flute can make a difference to the tasting experience. Many people prefer crystal glasses because the strength of it allows for a thinner rim however, for budding wine connoisseurs, making sure the crystal is lead free is essential. 


Aside from the shape and composition of the glass, the design should also be considered, especially if you’re looking to keep your Champagne glasses on display. Again, the Waterford Lismore Toasting Flutes, are intricately decorative, featuring the world famous diamond wedge cuts for that slice of authenticity. 

Coupes are a vintage alternative; their shallow glass shape disperses the bubbles, allowing you to taste the flavours of the wine, which is perfect for those with a sweeter taste. 


Best Champagne glasses you can buy: Riedel Vinum Champagne Glasses

1. Riedel Vinum Champagne Glasses

Best Champagne glasses you can buy: made in the traditional flute shape, these are perfect for maintaining carbonation


Best for: Carbonation
Quantity: Two
Material: Lead crystal
Capacity: 260ml

Reasons to buy

 Thin rim 
 Short stem for sturdiness 

This classic glass is, according the Selfridges, the perfect glass for sipping classic Champagne. The flute nature of the glass ensures the bubbles remain for as long as possible, while the fine rim ensures the wine is sipped seamlessly, with the flavour unhindered by the glass. Naturally delicate due the crystal nature of the glass, the short stem should provide additional stability if being balanced on a tray.

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Best Champagne glasses for diamond wedge cuts: Waterford Lismore Toasting Flutes

2. Waterford Lismore Toasting Flutes

Best Champagne glasses for diamond wedge cuts: beautifully cut from fine crystal these flutes are perfect for display and toasting


Best for: Diamond wedge cuts
Quantity: Two
Material: Crystal
Capacity: 190ml

Reasons to buy

 Traditional design 
 Wide rim  

Reasons to avoid


With their beautifully traditional Lismore pattern design, these flutes are perfect for toasting and displaying in a cabinet. Whether you’re searching for a wedding gift or the perfect Champagne glasses for a momentous occasion, these clear crystal glasses are worth the expense. They feature a wide neck for smelling the full aroma of your wine, but they may not be as effective at keeping your Champagne carbonated as thinner glasses on the list. 

Browse more Waterford products at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Best Champagne glasses for vintage design: LSA Wine Champagne Saucer

3. LSA Wine Champagne Saucer

Best Champagne glasses for vintage design: hand blown by artisans, these vintage Champagne saucers are special.., And different


Best for: Vintage design
Quantity: Four
Material: Glass
Capacity: 300ml

Reasons to buy

 Hand formed 
 For medium or sweet sparkling wine 

While these days Champagne saucers are largely associated with very strong cocktails, they were originally designed for medium and sweet fizzy wines, as the saucer shape of the glass disperses the bubbles so the drinker experiences more of the flavour. With their long, slim stem these glasses are incredibly elegant and as they’re made from glass, have a stronger composition than crystal. If you’re looking for a Champagne glass that could also serve you well on cocktail evenings, you really can’t go wrong with this set from House of Fraser.

Find more LSA International products at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Best Champagne glasses for purer flavour: Waterford Elegance Champagne Trumpets

4. Waterford Elegance Champagne Trumpets

Best Champagne glasses for purer flavour: made from lead-free crystal, these Champagne trumpets will allow you to experience the true flavour of the wine


Best for: Purer flavour
Quantity: Two
Material: Lead-free crystal
Capacity: 170ml

Reasons to buy

 Lead free crystal 
 Long slim shape 

Experts suggest that crystal containing lead can tamper with the taste of the Champagne, so to experience the flavour of the wine in its true form, lead-free crystal glasses are the best. Featuring a long slim flute, Waterford explain that the glass will guide the bubbles to the top of the glass, releasing the flavour where the taste buds are more sensitive, which makes these Champagne trumpets for the best for appreciating fine sparkling wines. 

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Best occasionware Champagne glasses: Vera Wang for Wedgwood Silver Plated Flutes

5. Vera Wang for Wedgwood With Love Silver Plated Flutes

Best occasionware Champagne glasses: for a beautiful wedding gift or for marking an extra special occasion


Best for: Occasionware
Quantity: Two
Material: Fine crystal and silver plate
Capacity: 156ml

Reasons to buy

 Silver plated stem and base 
 Interlocking rings represent eternal love 

Champagne flutes are a traditional wedding gift, and not only mark your loved one’s special day, but can be used in the future to celebrate other momentous occasions. With a fine crystal flute and silver plated stem, these Champagne glasses are anything but ordinary, and with the Vera Wang influence, are beautifully stylish with fine embellishing, ensuring your gift is one of the finest on the table. 

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Best unique Champagne glasses: Bellagio Champagne Flutes with gold detailing

6. Bellagio Champagne Flutes

Best unique Champagne glasses: inspired by art nouveau and finished with platinum paint detailing these champagne glasses are uniquely styled


Best for: Unique
Quantity: Two
Material: Crystal
Capacity: 170ml

Reasons to buy

 Finished with platinum paint 
 Part of a wider collection 

With a unique platinum painted base,  these slim, elegant Champagne flutes make a unique, or slightly unusual gift idea. Priced with an RRP under £20, they’re incredible value for money, yet are still made from crystal. These glasses are part of the larger Bellagio collection, and are the perfect gift idea when the next occasion comes round. 

Find more Champagne glasses at M&S (opens in new tab)

Mikasa Champagne Flutes: set of four each with different pattern

7. Mikasa Champagne Flutes

Three of your closest pals coming over for a couple of glasses – this funky Champagne flute set is perfect


Best for: Social occasions
Quantity: Four
Material: Glass
Capacity: 250ml

Reasons to buy

 Four unique designs 
 Sturdy yet elegant 

When the girls come over for a natter and a bottle of wine, it’s nice to have a set of funky glasses you can put the world to rights with. Made from glass, these funky Champagne flutes are sturdy and feature a fairly large holding capacity of 250ml, perfect for when a drink is well needed! From the aptly named Mikasa cheers collection, funky white wine, red wine, martini and cocktail glasses are also available to buy, bringing a whole new element to fun Friday nights in. 

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