B&Q launches an new affordable paint range based on popular Pinterest trends

And it starts from just £8...

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We are fully aware how much we bang on about how paint is literally the easiest and cheapest way to update your home. And yes, we still stand by that – there are very few things that a pot of paint won't solve. But painting a room can actually be a pretty expensive project. Enter the B&Q GoodHome range.

The new collection is made up of an extensive range of 80 shades and finishes, and the prices start at just £8. There are also specialists paints in the collection for bathrooms, kitchens and furniture. 

These new paints have been curated with 2019 trends in mind and B&Q have even turned to the Holy Grail of interior ideas, Pinterest, to influence the range's colour choices. Here are a few of our fave trends you can totally work with the new range...

1. Terracotta

Terracotta walls have been a huge Pinterest trend so far this year. Bit less garish and orangey than the colour that graced many a home during the '80s, think Mediterranean vibes, rather than your Grandma's kitchen tiles. It's earthier, warmer and a whole lot cooler. In the B&Q range, there are plenty of hues that embrace this trend – we love the burnt orange Pimlico (below) or for a muted red, Westminster is perfect. 

(Image: © B&Q)

2. Muted blues 

Just look at these dreamy, muted jewel shades. Blue is set to be a big colour this year with it being used almost like a neutral, a four wall colour rather than just for a feature wall. We love the combination of these two colours, Antibes and Miltown; colour blocking at its most subtle. 

B&Q GoodHome paint in Antibes

(Image: © B&Q)

3. Statement ceilings

Ah, that fifth wall we have been ignoring for such a long time is finally getting some attention, and searches for 'statement ceilings' on Pinterest are in fact up 185 per cent. You could go bold and paint the entire ceiling (here Kensington has been used)...

B&Q GoodHome Kensington paint

(Image: © B&Q)

Or you could just experiment with painting sections as has been done here with Marseille.... 

B&Q GoodHome paint used in a bedroom

(Image: © B&Q)

4. Colour blocking

This trend really isn't going anywhere, and it's only getting bolder in 2019. We say the braver you can be the better with this trend. Opt for contrasting colours and choose striking shapes and diagonal lines to create a dynamic feature wall. Here Miltown and Chueca have been used to create a super simple but really effective look. 

B&Q GoodHome paint used to create a colour block feature wall

(Image: © B&Q)

5. Warm neutrals 

Looks like grey's reign might be coming to an end. Okay, who are we kidding? There will always be room for grey. But we are seeing a shift away from cooler toned neutrals to warmer, softer (dare we say?) beige tones. And these shades aren't just sticking to their old stomping ground in the living room, they are increasingly being used in the once all-white territory of the bathroom. Just check out how Santa Fe has been used in this bathroom, it looks almost like polished plaster (another huge trend for this year).

B&Q GoodHome paint Santa Fe in a modern bathroom

(Image: © B&Q)

The whole GoodHome range is available online and in store right now.