Wedding gift ideas: 51 wedding presents for every budget

Looking for wedding gift ideas to put on your list or to buy for a friend who hasn't registered a formal wedding gift list? Using our expert buyer's guides (and extensive wedding experience), we've compiled a list of the perfect wedding gift ideas. You can't go wrong

Wedding gift ideas: Mr & Mrs Mugs
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On the hunt for wedding gift ideas, whether for your own wedding present list or for a soon-to-be bride and groom? Between booking the perfect venue, putting together a gluten-free, vegan-, paleo-, fruitarian-friendly menu and having never-ending arguments about band or DJ (just go for both), there are very few things that are easy when it comes to planning a wedding. However, there are things that stop you from just giving up and eloping to Vegas to be married by an Elvis impersonator: cake tasting and picking items for your wedding gift list.

Or perhaps you're a wedding guest looking for ideas for a couple who haven't registered a wedding gift list? To help you choose what to buy – or include on your wedding gift list, we've pulled together an essential guide to wedding gift ideas, covering everything from Champagne glasses to the very best vacuum cleaner money can buy. 

For more gift guides, see our dedicated hub page.

Wedding gift ideas: Tech essentials 

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Let's get the techy wedding gift ideas out of the way first, since this is probably going to be where the most spendy wedding gifts live... Perfect wedding gift ideas for brides and grooms, there's something for every budget. You can find all our home tech over on The Hub.

1. Pick a vintage-style radio 


We love the retro vibes of the Roberts Revival radio, but don't let the vintage style make you think this hasn't got all the modern essentials – Bluetooth connectivity, full colour display, built in alarm annnd it's portable. 

2. Upgrade your sound with a Smart Speaker


If a radio is just a bit too old school for you, stick a smart speaker on your wedding gift list. Our favourite is the Sonos One, it's got Amazon Alexa built in so as well as playing music, you can use this speaker to get the news, check the weather and make the most of the other helpful skills Alexa has to offer. 

For more ideas check out our round up of the best smart speakers.

3. Choose an instant Photo Printer for candid wedding pics


This super cute HP Sproket photo printer means you can quickly print out pictures straight from your smart phone or social media. You can edit your pics before you print with the HP Sprocket App, adding text, borders and stickers. Plus the printouts have an adhesive back so you can stick them around your house. Perfect for those candid wedding shots. 

4. Go old school with a Turntable


While we love the idea of a record player, it seems like a bit of an indulgence since you can get so much music online now, soooo get one on your wedding list! Maybe add a few vinyls you love to the list, too. We love the look of the Crosley Keepsake, the full-range speakers won’t disappoint and it allows you to record your old vinyls in a digital audio format onto your laptop or computer. 

5. Boring but necessary, add a vacuum cleaner


Some might think it's pretty boring to have a vacuum cleaner on your wedding gift list, but let's be honest what are you going to use more: a set of cut glass Champagne bowls or a vacuum? We recommend the Dyson Absolute V8, it's light but powerful, speedy but thorough and the battery last ages.

For more of the best vacuum cleaners you might want to put on your wedding gift list, check out our round up of the best vacuum cleaners (there are some cheaper options in there too, if you know your mates are never going to fork out £300 for a vacuum). 

6. Go for a travel sized projector


Perfect if you are off travelling (or just want to watch movies in bed), a portable mini projector is a must. You can connect them to your laptop and some even can connect to your tablet or smart phone. We've popped in the Philips Pico PPX4010 because of it's really reasonable price point, plus it's super compact and connects to devices via HDMI.

We have loads more options, over in our pick of the best mini projectors, so go and check those out too if you want one on your wedding gift list.

Wedding gift ideas: Kitchen appliances 

A wedding gift ideas list is the perfect excuse to kit out your kitchen with a load of new gadgets. Here, we have included the essentials (ie, a coffee machine) and the more indulgent kitchen appliance (but we promise once you actually own a waffle maker you will wonder how you ever coped without it)...

7. A fancy coffee machine is an essential


A coffee machine if a must-have on a wedding gift ideas list in our opinion. We have covered our pick of the best coffee machines in our round up, where you will find loads of styles at loads of different price points. If you think your guest might be feeling spendy, we recommend the Sage Barista Express Bean-to-Cup coffee machine by Heston Blumenthal. It's a fab buy. 

8. A stylish kettle


A kettle. Again, maybe you are thinking that's a bit of a boring cliché, but this, folks, isn't just any old kettle. This is an iconic, Italian, Smeg kettle. Perfect if you feel like putting a Smeg fridge on your wedding gift list might be asking too much. 

Check out more of the best kettles in our round up. 

9. And a stylish toaster to match


And of course you will be wanting a Smeg retro toaster to match...

For more of our favourite toasters, head over to our buying guide. 

10. Get the gift of 60 second pizza


What could be a better gift than homemade, 60 second pizza? This Ooni pizza oven is portable and super lightweight so you can keep it in your garden but also take it round to friends' garden parties, bring it camping or stoke it up in the park (if allowed). Love it. 

Check more of the best pizza ovens

11. Might as well throw in a pasta machine, too


If you are going to be making pizzas, you may as well attempt to make pasta too. The Imperia pasta machine is really easy to use and relatively easy to clean too, plus it includes tagliatelle and fettuccini cutters for the more advanced pasta maker. It's our top pick of pasta makers, but you can find more best pasta makers in our buyer's guide.

12. Pick out a classic KitchenAid


Dream of having a KitchenAid food mixer? Get it on your wedding gift list! It's expenny, we know, but if you love it, we're sure a few of your mates could go in together to get you this iconic kitchen gadget. 

If you want some more options, go and check out our round up of the best food mixers

13. Indulge in a waffle maker


What newlyweds don't need a waffle maker? And this Cuisinart waffle maker is our favourite. Just whip up your batter, pour it over the non-stick plates and in minutes you will have delicious waffles that you can cover in syrup and deliver to your new spouse. Gingham apron is optional. 

Check out more of the best waffle makers in our buying guide. 

14. Save yourself time with a slow cooker


This Sage slow cooker is pretty swanky as far as slow cookers go: it has six pre set settings including pressure cooking, slow cooking, searing, sautéing, reducing and steaming. Just chuck everything in before you go to work, pick your setting and you'll have a tasty meal by the time you get home.  

Check out more of the best slow cookers you could pop on your wedding list in our round up. 

15. And save money with a juicer


Why spend £7.50 on a juice when you could just make on at home? This Dualit juicer is a must have on your wedding gift list; best thing about it is that all the pieces are dishwasher friendly. 

Have a read through our guide to the best juicer for more options. 

16. Portable BBQ? We think you need one


How cute is this Everdure Cube tabletop portable BBQ by Heston Blumenthal?! Not only does it come in three stylish colours, this tiny BBQ manages to include a storage tray, preparation board and porcelain enamel firebox so it's easy to store, set up, cook and clean.

If a portable BBQ (or any BBQ) is on your wedding gift list, make sure you check out of pick of the best BBQs too. 

Wedding gift ideas: Kitchenware

Kitchenware is a classic wedding gift idea for friends. We've picked a mix of more traditional gifts (your Champagne glasses, china, pans, and what not), but there are a few cute surprises mixed in here too...

17. Classic Champagne Glass Saucers 


Champagne glasses are a classic and you should definitely get a set on your wedding gift list. We love the delicate design of this set of four from Oliver Bonas, plus there are matching wine glasses too.

We've got plenty more options in our round up of the best Champagne glasses.  

18. Some (very) Large Gin Glasses


And for when you want gin, you are going to need these gin glasses. Obviously. 

19. A Signature Le Creuset Casserole dish is a must


A classic, and a must have on any wedding gift list. A Le Creuset casserole dish might be expensive but it is going to last forever, so if your lovely guests invest for you now, you won't have to replace it for a really, really long time. And you can cook them dinner in it to say thank you. 

20. Upgrade your hand-me-down pans


We get that you probably already have pans, but a wedding gift list is just an opportunity for you to upgrade a set that you know has seen better days and could probs do with being chucked away anyway. 

If you are after a set that's really reasonable but still great quality, go with this classic five piece set from John Lewis. You get a milk pan, two saucepans (with lids) and two frying pans. 

21. Pick out a dinner set


Because you just want to be those people who on a nice occasion say, 'oooh let's use our wedding china.' If you're after something simple and classic that you could in fact use everyday, we love this stoneware Canvas china set from Denby, but if you are after something that's going to be a bit more special, we can't resist Wedgwood's dinner services

22. And you may as well get a Cutlery Set too


Much like dinner sets, we reckon you already have cutlery. But again, it's nice to have a set for best, or a set that all match (come on, you are getting married, you're a grown up now, part with those old forks that still have nail varnish on the handle from when you lived in uni halls). This Croft set is classic and sophisticated, and therefore when you use them, your guest will also think you are classic and sophisticated. 

23. Choose a cute Lovebirds Platter


We love this Anthropologie platter as a unique wedding gift idea. Yer, it's a bit cheesy, but it will remind you of your special day for sure. If you are after something a bit less cutesy, we love the Veru Serving Platter with its elegant shape and slightly vintage vibe. 

27. Add an oven dish to your wedding gift list


Perfect for cooking hearty (sorry) dishes or serving salads, this heart shaped oven dish from The White Company is cute but practical. There is also a whole range of other kitchenware to match and loads of different price points, so pop some of those on your wedding gift ideas list too. 

28. Pick a stylish salt and pepper mill


You won't want to hide these Le Creuset salt and pepper beauties away in a cupboard! They come in loads of lovely colours, so you can pick one for your wedding gift ideas list that suits your style. 

Wedding gift ideas: bedding and mattresses 

Fresh new bedding is a gorgeous wedding gift idea, and a new mattress is the perfect gift if you are moving somewhere new after your wedding, so we have rounded up the best bedding and mattresses to add to your wedding gift list...

29. New bedlinen is always a gorgeous gift


Treat yourself and pop this White Company bedding on your wedding gift ideas list. It is ultra smooth 400 thread count Egyptian cotton percale bed linen, which has an exquisitely soft feel and a beautiful drape. The collection starts from £20. Find more of the best bedlinen designs in our guide.

30. Your guests could treat you to the perfect duvet


We loooveee Panda duvets. They are light, fluffy and super soft. The Cloud duvet features temperature regulating properties to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They are also made from bamboo, so are an eco-friendly option.  

For more of the best duvets head over to our buying guide. 

31. And the perfect pillow to match 


Maybe a pillow is a bit of a rogue choice for a wedding gift ideas list, but if you are looking to add things that are really practical and you will actually use, a pillow just makes sense. The Simba Hybrid pillow is the best you can buy, in our opinion. It's been scientifically engineered to give you the best night’s sleep, with temperature regulation and adjustable height. Just make sure you add two to your list to avoid future arguments. 

For more of the best pillows go and have a look through our round up. 

32. Need a new mattress? Stick it on your wedding gift list


Well, if you are going to ask your guests for pillows, you may as well stick a mattress on your wedding gift ideas list. The Casper mattress is an award-winning dual foam mattress that scores big on comfort and coolness. If you want the in-depth low down, go and have a read of our full Casper mattress review

And if that doesn't quite sound like the right pick for you, there are plenty more options in our best mattresses buying guide. 

Wedding gift ideas: homewares

If you are a home lover be sure to add a few pieces of homeware to your wedding gift ideas list. We've picked out pieces that range in style and price so you are sure to find something you would love to be gifted...

33. Pick out some funky wall art 


The bright neon colours stop this Love Is Power print from being too cheesy or clichéd, and we reckon some kind of wall art is a must on any wedding gift list. Oliver Bonas have some cute prints that would suit all price points (we love this Perfect Match print too). 

Find out how to create a gallery wall if you've chosen lots of pretty new pictures.

34. Say it with a neon sign 


Neon signs are everywhere at the moment so get one on your wedding gift list! And if this Love sign isn't quite your thing, they also have Disco and Home

35. Luxury towels are always a good idea


Towels may not be the sexiest of wedding gifts, but you are guaranteed to get some use out of them. These luxury towels from John Lewis are beautifully soft and come in tons of colours. And don't miss our towel storage buys if you need to beef up your bathroom.

36. You can't go wrong with a Scented Candle


Candles are a classic wedding gift list idea, so treat yourself and add one from a brand you have always lusted after, but could never justify purchasing. For us, that is Diptyque.

If you believe the more the merrier when it comes to candles, add some more budget friendly options, too. The White Company candles start from £20 and are still a gorgeous gift. These best spring-scented candles make great wedding gift ideas, too.

37. You will definitely need a Wine Rack


For all that wine you are (hopefully) going to get, you might as well stick this stylish Anthropologie wine rack on your wedding gift list too... Find more best wine racks in our buyer's guide.

38. Luggage is a practical wedding gift 


Not something you would maybe think to put on your wedding gift ideas list, but good quality luggage is actually a really practical present. Pick the size you want based on whether you use hand luggage or hold luggage more often, and pop two on your list so you are both sorted for future holidays. John Lewis luggage department is the best place to start.

39. Pick out some throws and cushions 


Right, let's get back to the more impractical wedding gift ideas you just want just because they're pretty. Anthropologie is the go-to place for the most gorgeous throws (like this one). We would LOVE to receive any from the range as a wedding gift (just saying). Check out their cushions too!


This gallery wall frame set is such a lovely idea to add to your wedding gift ideas list. The set comes with six wooden frames and some templates to help you design your gallery wall, perfect for displaying your wedding pics. Find more ways to display pictures and photos in our guide.

41. Tablecloths and napkins are a practical (but pretty) choice


Again, one of those pretty but practical things you could get on your wedding gift ideas list. The washed linen sets from H&M Home are really affordable and come in plenty of colours so you can pick whatever suits your style. 

42. A cutesy Doormat for cutesy newlyweds


Perfect if you are moving into a new place after you are married, this doormat is an alternative wedding gift idea and would be a super cute addition to your home. 

Wedding gift ideas: small gifts

Because the new girl you've worked with for all of six weeks but have invited as the rest of the team where all coming isn't going to want to fork out to buy you a KitchenAid, you need to have plenty of smaller ticketed items on your wedding gift ideas list. Here are some of our faves...

43. The classic (if not slightly clichéd) Mr & Mrs Mugs


Would it really be a wedding gift list without a matching Mr and Mrs something or other? We actually think these Emma Bridgwater mugs are pretty classy, and despite the cliché, we wouldn't say no to having them on our wedding gift list. 

44. A Personalised Wedding Gift idea: a Ring Dish


Nawww isn't this personalised wedding gift idea adorable? A really thoughtful ring dish for only £16! Also you don't have to get your names on it either, you can let the lucky guest choose the special message. 'Good luck'? 'I give it a year'? 'It should have been me'? Actually, maybe you should suggest they just stick with names. 

45. Cookery books


Adding cookery books to your wedding gift ideas list is a great move. Obviously pick your faves, but we love Dining In by Alison Roman. This cookbook features 125 recipes for simple, of-the-moment dishes that are full of quick techniques (think slathering roast chicken in anchovy butter; roasting citrus fruits to bring out new flavours; and keeping boiled potatoes in your fridge for instant crispy smashed potatoes). Yes please.

46. Or travel books


We say travel books. Our pick is Where to Drink Wine. Not only would this make a gorgeous coffee table book, this 'travel' guide, covers 30 countries and regions (and some 400 wineries), it explores the classic destinations, reveals hidden gems in well-known wine country, and celebrates emerging wine-producing locations.

Wedding gift ideas: experiences and subscriptions

We love the idea of giving experience and subscriptions as gifts, so we say get a few of these on your wedding gift ideas list...

47. Choose a brand new experience 


Not on the High Street have an amazing selection of experiences, from cocktail making to star gazing. If you know you have friends who would rather treat you to a day out together, then pop a few of these on your wedding gift list. 

48. Pick out a wine subscription 


Can you pick a better gift than wine being delivered to your door every month? Go on, we will wait. Yer, thought not. With Savage Wines you can pick how many times you would like the wine to be delivered, what type you would like and how long the subscription will last. All the wines are from independent family-run vineyards, you get some information about each wine and if you want to be extra snobby, there is a podcast that will talk you through each wine. 

49. Wine not your thing? Go for a flower subscription instead 


We know you are probably going to have a ton of flowers floating around your house for weeks after your wedding. But with Bloom & Wild, you can pick to have three months', six months' or a whole year's worth of flowers delivered through your letter box. A lovely idea if you want a gift that literally keeps on giving. 

50. Ask your guests to add to a honeymoon fund


Probably our favourite wedding gift list idea. Rather than ask your guests to buy you stuff, why not ask them to contribute to your honeymoon fund? Patchwork allows you to show your guest what your grand plans are for your honeymoon and then can pick which part they would like to treat you to. 

51. A subscription to your favourite homes magazine


Actually, maybe this is our favourite wedding gift idea. Of course, when you get married, you often also start on a major renovation. So, grab yourself a subscription to Real Homes, Period Living or Homebuilding & Renovating magazines to make sure your new home is as good as can be.

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