Camille Dubuis-Welch

Camille Dubuis-Welch

Former Deputy Editor

Hey there! I’m Cam, the former deputy editor of Real Homes. As a renter myself, sharing a home with two friends (and my cat) in London, I know all too well the challenges that this can pose when it comes to creating your perfect setup. As someone who has always loved everything interior design-related, I cannot rest until a home feels right and I am really passionate about helping others get there too, no matter what their living situation, style, or budget may be. It’s not always the easiest to figure out, but the journey is fun and the results are so worth it.

After interior design, travel, art, and photography are my next big passions. When I’m not writing or editing homes content, I’m usually tapping into other creative outlets, exploring galleries in London or further afield, taking photos, scribbling, or drawing!

My niches

For me, your home should nod to your personality on all levels. It’s your safe place so first and foremost, it should act like your support system. But, it can also show a little of who you are to others, without giving everything away! I love getting that balance right, exploring how artwork and even how you display trinkets can say so much about your vibe and the atmosphere that you want to create in your surroundings. Translating that and exploring how everything from print colors and house plants to room layouts and rug shapes can impact you and your home is my jam.

Why listen to me?

I’ve been writing on a number of topics for well over a decade, starting out when I was studying for my Bachelor of Arts with honors in English language and Italian at The University of Manchester. I kept a travel blog for my year living in Bologna, by which point I had decided that I wanted to work in magazines! After my degree, I spent some time in print and PR before copywriting for a number of years. My love for interiors has always been there, and one of my first jobs allowed me to dip my toes into VM and work at international trade shows like Maison et Objet, so I was never short of inspiration. When my passion for home decor really kicked in, I actually took a short course to learn more about the "how" behind style and home design choices. At the time I was helping someone renovate their home, so it was a great opportunity to practice! I dove into really design-led editorial content when I started with I don’t want to gloat, but marrying two of your lifelong passions, writing and interior design, is pretty dreamy I have to say.

About my Real Home...

My base style is quite timeless, drawing on mid-century modern and Edwardian influences. I then add more design interest with art, trinkets, and soft furnishings. I love anything with a story behind it. Furniture-wise, honestly, everything I own right now is thrifted. I’m an eco-warrior at heart and I love dark woods and anything with a leather detail or rattan — all of which are prime thrifting finds. I will splash out on artwork, frames, lamps, and soft furnishings. I prefer to buy into quality rather than “trending” items and most trinkets I have are from travels abroad. I have a thing for collecting street maps from other countries, including ones strangers have drawn out for me, so I have a pretty unique little display going!

My fave home buys

I got a really nice table lamp from Dunelm last season. I love the shape of it and find it really sets off my space. Because I don’t buy anything that often it felt like a treat. Then, as I spend a lot of time in hipster coffee shops, admiring the different coffee makers on display, I bought a pour-over coffee maker a few months ago. It's a Bodum glass design with a wraparound cork warmer and it’s just got a really cool aesthetic, so it looks great on my kitchen counters or in my bedroom if I’m lazing about on the weekend.

I am currently working on...

Right now, I’m looking into both emerging and existing trends, seeing how you can incorporate them into rentals, studios, and small spaces. I’m covering how to decorate for more positivity too, because what space doesn’t need that? I’m also keeping an eye out for super simple but unique makes for anyone wanting to dabble in a little DIY without picking up a power drill!