Storage ideas for small bedrooms: 21 ways to keep a tiny space tidy

Looking for clever storage ideas for small bedrooms? Create a space that is forever clutter-free with our ultimate guide...

Storage ideas for small bedrooms
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We know storage ideas for small bedrooms are the key to making a diddy space work, so we've got you covered, small space dwellers. We get the Catch-22 thing that goes along with small bedrooms and storage – the hardest thing to find space for in small bedroom is storage, but the most important thing to make a small bedroom feel less small is storage. But fear not – with a little bit of creativity (and a fair bit of space saving bedroom furniture), even the smallest of bedrooms can become a cosy, clutter-free haven. 

Our comprehensive guide to small bedroom storage ideas covers everything from storage benches to clever small bedroom furniture, and has something for everyone, whether you are on a budget, move house a lot, or are ready to invest into a more permanent solution. 

Storage sorted? Head over to our bedroom ideas hub page for all the inspiration you could ask for and if it's specifically bedroom design you are after we have a feature for that too. 

1.  Big small bedroom storage idea: pick out a storage bed 

The Hindon Ottoman Storage Bed

(Image credit: Willow & Hall )

Let’s face it: the bed takes up by far the most room in a small bedroom, especially if you have a double or king sized one. So, it makes sense to let a storage bed – take a look at our pick of the best beds with storage – do the hard work of storing bulky bedding, pillows, and duvets; moreover, if you opt for storing most of your things in the bed, you can keep the rest of your bedroom furniture minimalist and dainty. 

We particularly like the luxurious and smart-looking Hindon Ottoman Storage Bed from Willow & Hall – its storage compartment is split in two, which makes sorting things even easier. 

2. Ditch the wardrobe for a streamlined small bedroom storage idea

Vintage Style Clothing Rail in White

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

A wardrobe is a must-have, but it also tends to be the bulkiest, and least forgiving in small bedrooms. So why not go without? Your bedroom needn't be messy, especially if you don’t own tons of clothes – a neat wire clothing rail may well do the trick, if you only use it for your most worn items. 

3. Enhance space with a mirrored door wardrobe

Pax sliding wardrobe

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you need storage ideas for small bedrooms that are more substantial than a standalone clothing rail, a wardrobe with sliding mirrored doors will not only provide proper clothes storage, but also visually enhance your space, plus you don't need to factor in floor space for when the doors are opened. Pair with neutral-coloured soft furnishings for an even more space-enhancing effect. 

For more clothes storage ideas head over to our feature. 

4. Explore the full storage potential of a bedside table

Industrial Style Bedside Table Cox & Cox

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

Looking for storage ideas for small bedrooms that won't break the bank? Think bedside tables. Not all bedside tables are created equal. Many are small (though still take up floor space) and decorative, but don't earn their keep in the storage stakes. Opt for a bedside table that has drawers, shelves or both.

The Industrial Style Bedside Table from Cox & Cox offers plenty of room for anything from books to a storage box, and is easy on the eye, too. 

5. Choose a bed frame with headboard storage

Smuggler headboard

(Image credit: Loaf)

The key to successful storage ideas for small bedrooms is never passing up an opportunity for more: if it occupies space, why shouldn’t it have storage? A headboard is no exception; many headboards come with shelving, such the one below by Loaf. A single shelf will accommodate your bedtime reads and lamp, but there are headboards with multiple shelves that could be used as storage for clothing or small items. Find all our the best storage headboards in our buyer's guide.

We like the Nikko Solid Pine Bed with Shelves from La Redoute.

6. Experiment with decorative wall storage

Mushroom Suede Ladder with Oak Rungs

(Image credit: H & G Designs)

Storage can be dull and unattractive – but it doesn’t have to be. Especially in a small bedroom, where you tend to notice the tiniest thing, good-looking storage options are a huge bonus. Wall storage, for example, can be made to look very smart if it is finished in a luxurious material, such as suede. 

We love the very handsome Mushroom Suede Ladder with Oak Rungs by H and G Designs. It almost looks like a wall feature, and, on a practical level, is great for hanging clothes and accessories. 

7. Add a mirror in too


(Image credit: IKEA / Benjamin Edwards)

This mirror with shelf and hooks is a great small bedroom storage idea. It's a good looking mirror, but it's also a handy place for storing makeup, hanging accessories, bags or even jewellery, saving you space elsewhere. Plus, we all know how a well placed mirror can make any room feel so much bigger, storage or no storage.

8. Maximise the space behind and above the bed 

John Lewis Super Storage Bed Frame

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Why only have headboard storage, when you could also have wall shelving to match?This is often a neglected storage opportunity so, in a small bedroom, make sure you max it out. You can use it to decorate your room too, pop a few books and some faux houseplants on them for a cute feature. 

9. Or get a headboard that's also a wardrobe 

Argos headboard

(Image credit: Argos)

Well this is something we haven't seen before. And we have long been singing the praises of storage headboards and storage beds. This bed from Argos has a mini wardrobe in it! So as well as storing stuff in the drawers and shelves underneath the bed you could hang a few of your clothes in the headboard. Genius. 

10. Sit and store with an ottoman

Angel & Boho Linen Look Blanket Box

(Image credit: Angel & Boho)

Want seating and storage ideas for small bedrooms? Putting seating in a bedroom is practical but also creates a feeling of comfort. But where to stash it in a small bedroom? This is where ottomans and blanket boxes come in handy: bags of storage space for spare bedding or out of season clothes, and somewhere to perch. 

We like the opulent and touchable Linen Look Blanket Box from Angel and Boho. For more ottomans take a look at our buying. guide for the best ottomans.

11. Stash shoes and accessories in a drawer unit

Shoe and Wardrobe Storage Drawers

(Image credit: A Place For Everything)

Limited to a single built-in wardrobe with a clothing rail and no additional storage? Banish the tangled mess that results from hanging belts, storing shoes and storing jewellery alongside clothing with the help of a storage unit with drawers with proportions so neat you can tuck it inside the wardrobe. 

We like the practical stackable Shoe & Wardrobe Storage Drawers from A Place for Everything. At just £12.50 each, they won’t break the bank, either. 

12. Utilise the dead space under the bed

Gimse box

(Image credit: Ikea)

If your bed frame has space beneath it, make the most of it with clothes' storage boxes or crates. They will need to be low enough to fit under the bed, so the ones made specifically for the purpose are best, and if they have lids, the contents will remain dust-free. 

Our pick of under bed storage ideas for small bedrooms are the Gimse boxes from Ikea – they hold loads but, at just 19cm tall, they will easily slide into a narrow gap. However, if you can't face the crowds, order these boxes below online.

13. Fill a narrow gap with a coat storage stand 

Kandy Coat Stand

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

If your room is tight on space, storage ideas for small bedrooms should include those that are tall and narrow will be useful for storing jewellery, hanging an outfit you've just taken off (or will put on first thing) and storing makeup.

The clever Zuiver Kandy Coat Stand from Cuckooland comes with a mirror and a very useful shelf; it's the ideal place to store everything you need for the day ahead.

14. Use every inch with a fitted storage solution

Pembroke fitted range

(Image credit: Neptune)

The smartest move you can make is to invest in customised, fitted storage ideas for small bedrooms that efficiently use every nook and cranny in a practical way. Going down this route? Plan the unit carefully so that your storage needs are catered to, right to the last detail, whether with hanging space, shelves drawers or hooks. 

We like the smart, customisable Pembroke range from Neptune.  

15. Like an easy storage option? Go to town on baskets

Wayfair baskets

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Whether you like a laid back look, are renting or are looking for storage for child's room, baskets are a flexible, affordable option. Ideal for sifting belts from shoes from dirty clothes from scarves and hats, invest in a selection of shapes, sizes and styles for an eclectic look.  

Our pick is the impressive selection of baskets at Wayfair, with prices starting at £7.99.

16. Choose multi-tiered accessories storage

Tesora Jewellery Stand from Black By Design

(Image credit: Black By Design)

The rule of thumb when looking for storage ideas for small bedrooms is always to think height rather than width, even if you're only choosing a compact jewellery storage unit. Ditch boxy drawers in favour of a delicate, multi-tiered stand, and banish dressing room clutter for good.

The Tesora Jewellery Stand by Umbra is just the ticket; slim and with tiers of different heights, it allows you to tidy up everything from necklaces to rings. Available from Black By Design. 

17. Choose a compact wardrobe

The Dormy House French Wardrobe

(Image credit: The Dormy House )

Genuinely have no space for a wardrobe, but miss the elegant look and the ability to hang stuff up? Go for a wardrobe-like compact storage unit that will have doors and drawers. Even if it doesn't fit in everything, it will instantly make your bedroom feel more organised. 

The French Wardrobe from The Dormy House has a hanging compartment, shelving, and a top storage drawer. Impressive, given it's only 45cm wide.

18. Make a cute wall feature with pratical hooks 

Pastel coloured hooks from Anthropologie

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Small but mighty, hooks can add a load of storage to a small bedroom. But don't just think about hiding them on the backs of doors or away in your wardrobe, use some cute hooks as a decorative feature. Anthropologie have loads of gorgeous designs that would work for small items like jewellery to large items like clothes and bags.

We love the pastel colours of these Mimi hooks but check out all of Anthropologie's hooks for more lovely designs. 

19. Use floating shelves as bedside tables 

Bed with white bed covers and pom pom cushion against a dark concrete-effect wall, with handmade wooden shelves as bedside storage

(Image credit: Future/ Malcolm Menzies)

Think you don't have room for a bedside table? Think again. You don't need a cumbersome bedside table taking up a load of precious floor space; instead, why not turn some floating shelves into bedside storage? You can really easily (and cheaply) DIY these yourself too. Just get yourself some wooden planks – places like B&Q, Wickes and Homebase will do pieces of planed timber – saw them to size and wall mount them next to your bed using some stylish shelf brackets

If you need a guide on how to install a shelf with brackets, check out our step-by-step guide. 

20. Add storage to even the most awkward of spaces

Loft extension with built in storage

(Image credit: Loft extension)

In a small bedroom you really have to make the most of every inch of space, even if that space is a bit awkward. This is particularly tricky in loft bedrooms when you will be dealing with slanting walls, but check out this idea! Build shelving into those awkward spaces – practical and pretty. If you need any tips on how to put up a bracket shelf, just follow our guide. 

21. DIY a walk-in wardrobe to max your space

Walk-in wardrobe in small bedroom

(Image credit: Ikea/Johan Månsson)

Always dreamt of a walk-in wardrobe? Oh, hasn't everyone. While we could waffle on in Carrie Bradshaw quotes for a paragraph or two, let's just cut straight to it – you can have a walk-in wardrobe (of sorts), no matter how small your bedroom, with this amazing IKEA hack. This ingenious idea is just about being really clever with your space, buying the right storage, and then covering it all over with a super cute curtain. 

Find out how to recreate the look over in our step-by step guide to how to make a walk in wardrobe.

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