Kitchen wallpaper ideas: 16 beautiful designs to update your space

These kitchen wallpaper ideas prove a quick, affordable and beautiful solution to kitchen walls in need of a some TLC

Kitchen wallpaper ideas
(Image credit: Cole & Son)

If you're looking for kitchen wallpaper ideas then it's likely that you're looking for quick ways to inject some color and personality into your space. Hanging wallpaper in a kitchen was once an unusual move, but now it's a hot trend for the year(s) ahead, is easy and affordable, plus, it will give your kitchen a homely, distinctive feel that you can't always achieve with just paint. 

This is the perfect weekend project so if you're ready to go, just keep scrolling for the most stunning ideas around right now and get your kitchen transformation started.

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Do you need special wallpaper for a kitchen?

A note before you start, if you're not going to choose a wipeable design that's specifically designed for kitchens/bathroom – usually high-quality, cloth or paper-backed vinyl – you'll need to either protect the wallpaper with a glass splashback or hang the wallpaper only in areas where it won't be exposed to constant splashing or heat.

1. Choose coloured wallpaper that complements your kitchen fittings

Wallpaper in kitchen by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Picking out a kitchen wallpaper that highlights the fittings in the room can give the whole scheme cohesion it might have lacked before. Here, the wallpaper design complements the worktops, light fittings, taps and the hob to create a co-ordinated look. The green wall acts as a bold contrast that further enlivens the scheme.

Find more beautiful botanical wallpapers in our design gallery. Wallpaper shown by Little Greene.

Wallpaper in a kitchen by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

If yours is an open plan kitchen diner and living space, it's likely that you'll want the entire room to feel more like a living area than one that's purely functional – and wallpaper is the ideal medium to use to bridge the gap between the two areas. Hanging a design on a kitchen wall that echoes the colour or pattern of your dining chairs is an easy way to create a visual link between the two zones.

Find out more open plan kitchen ideas in our guide. Wallpaper shown by Farrow & Ball.

3. Pair cool colours with rustic worktops

Wallpaper in a kitchen by Sandberg

(Image credit: Sandberg)

In an ideal world, the wallpaper you choose for your kitchen won't fight for attention with the rest of the cabinetry but will complement it. So, if you've spent ages perfecting a rustic kitchen worktop look (whether wood or a man-made material), you'll want to ensure it's not over-shadowed by additional decorative details. The cool blue works well in the above kitchen by adding a pop of energy, without overpowering the classic wooden worktops.

Here, the design by Sandberg is the perfect tonal match for the beautiful wooden worktops.

4. Create interest with contrasting patterns

Wallpaper in dining room by Little Greene

(Image credit: Little Greene)

If you'd rather keep the kitchen area fuss-free within an open-plan space, putting wallpaper within the dining area can define the zone effectively while giving what would otherwise be a plain space bags of character. 

Mixing and matching different patterns and prints is an art – use our guide to find out how. Find more inspiration in our traditional dining room ideas gallery. Wallpaper shown by Little Greene.

5. Complement Shaker cabinetry with floral wallpaper

Wallpaper in a kitchen by Sandberg

(Image credit: Sandberg)

Shaker kitchens are a popular choice – and with good reason, since they never date and are so easy to decorate around. What's more, they will suit both contemporary and traditional homes. Matching them with a wallpaper design that really suits the simple spirit of Shaker style is the best route.

Here, the pretty design by Sandberg has subtly bright colors to enliven the grey kitchen. Love grey? Find more grey kitchen ideas in our gallery.

6. Wallpaper behind shelves to add character

Wallpaper in a kitchen alcove with shelves by Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Open shelves are a must-have in an informal kitchen – the perfect place to store and display kitchenware. Wallpapering the wall behind open shelves will draw attention to any attractive items on display, and add depth and character to that part of the kitchen. Our advice? Put wallpaper on just one or two walls in a kitchen – more than that might well be too busy, especially if you're working with a  small kitchen design.

Check out these feature wall ideas to inspire your scheme. Wallpaper shown by Farrow & Ball.

7. Paint woodwork to flatter the wallpaper

(Image credit: John Lewis)

You can up the effect of a dramatic wallpaper design by painting woodwork in a bold shade that picks out the wallpaper's deepest colour. Perfect for period-style properties and contemporary transformations, it's a modern trend that harks back to Victorian times and beyond. 

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8. Highlight a dining nook with a feature wallpaper

Dining nook with wallpaper and panelling by Sandberg

(Image credit: Sandberg)

There's sooo much to love about this dining nook: the paneling and the geometric wallpaper create a space for eating and entertaining that's both practical, good looking and intimate. 

Use our wall paneling design ideas and advice to create a similar look at home. Wallpaper shown by Sandberg.

9. Bring out neutral tones in intricate wallpaper designs

(Image credit: John Lewis )

If you're looking to create a kitchen transformation that creates a soothing atmosphere perfect for a busy family space, pick a neutral-toned kitchen wallpaper that complements the cabinetry. That needn't mean plain – an intricate design will still create lots of interest. 

On that note, bear in mind that a small/intricate print will look more traditional and have more of a country cottage appeal than one with a large repeat print, which will create a more formal or contemporary finish.

Use these tips for using patterned wallpaper to get the best result.

10. Pick out architectural elements for interest

(Image credit: John Lewis)

If your kitchen is in a former living room or a characterful period home, it's likely that it has architectural features that can be highlighted with wallpaper. Think alcoves, like the one above or a chimney breast.

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(Image credit: John Lewis)

The wallpaper in this dining space manages a neat visual trick – linking it to the next room with tones of blue. Why link different rooms within a house? Creating a cohesive scheme throughout by picking different tones of the same color – or the same tone of different colors – makes for a smart finish, and can work to make a small hose feel larger, too. 

12. Highlight pretty pottery with different colourways

Vanessa Arbuthnott fabric and wallpapers lining shelves

(Image credit: Vanessa Arbuthnott)

Wallpapering the back of shelves with different colorways of the same design is a clever trick to get a cute country cottage look and to show off your prettiest kitchenware. If you go for this look, keep the rest of the scheme – cabinetry and all – neutral and fuss-free.

Wallpapers shown by Vanessa Arbuthnott.

13. Enliven a white kitchen with a dainty print

Tier on Tier Shutters in a kitchen

(Image credit: The Shutter Store)

If you've inherited a white kitchen that's otherwise lacking in detail – or if you just like to change up the look of a room every couple of years – swapping plain walls for wallpapered ones can give the space a quick, affordable update. Going for an intricate print over a large area of the room? Keep details such as window treatments simple – shutters are perfect.

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14. Match a ditsy print with paneling for a vintage feel

Vintage style kitchen

(Image credit: Sandberg)

Perhaps you've inherited a black kitchen and want to take it from cold and contemporary to vintage-style? Paneling the walls to dado level and painting it in black or a muddy neutral shade, then contrasting it with a light-coloured, delicate wallpaper above can transform it quickly – and at a far lower cost than swapping cabinet doors or replacing the kitchen entirely.

Use our guide to how to design a vintage kitchen to be inspired to create this look.

15. Choose a fun print for a utility room

Green tropical laundry room with vibrant wallpaper and coloured cabinets

(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

If you're going to take the wallpaper look from your kitchen to the utility room then this contemporary style utility room is the perfect example of how you can be braver with your wallpaper choice in what is often a small, seldom seen space. Go brighter than in the actual kitchen, and let it inspire you for other small space too, think cloakrooms.

Find more about designing a utility room in our guide.

16. Create a subtle two-toned look with wallpaper

Kitchen wallpaper ideas

(Image credit: Little Green)

Two-toned kitchens are a huge trend at the moment. Wallpaper can be a really easy way to subtly introduce a second color into your kitchen. We like how this wallpaper almost totally matches the green of the cabinets but still brings in that pink hue for contrast – a two-toned kitchen done beautifully. 

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