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Why NOW is the best time to shop for a Black Friday mattress discount

Shopping for a mattress on Black Friday? You'll jump for joy at the great savings if you do the right prep-work now... Our guide tells you how to bag the right mattress at the right price

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Waking up with aches and pains could mean it’s time to invest in a new mattress, and when better to do so than Black Friday? But, of course, you want to pick the best mattress as well as get a great deal. Our expert guide will ensure you choose well.

Know which mattress you want already? Go straight to our Black Friday mattress deals page to get the best price.

1. Research your new Black Friday mattress buy now

Many retailers have already dropped their Black Friday deals... but we think great things are still to come on Black Friday itself (29th November 2019). So it makes sense to do all the research and thinking ahead right now, rather than during the rush. 

If you haven't bought a mattress before online, don't worry, our tips below will guide you towards the right choice – PLUS most retailers offer you a 100-night free trial, so if you don't like it you can return it, no quibbles (but always check the T&Cs before you shop). 

So, where to start with the research? Keep scrolling.

2. Shop for the right mattress size

OK, sounds obvious, but ignore this at your peril. Bed sizes aren’t standard, so just knowing your bed is a double, for example, isn’t enough. Check its measurements and that of the mattress you’re proposing to buy. Then you can move on to mattress firmness.

3. Make sure the mattress you like is the right firmness

Many of us have a distinct preference between the different firmness levels mattresses can offer, but the position (or positions) in which you tend to sleep should be part of the equation. Not bothered about firmness? Move on to tip four. Otherwise, our mattress expert, Linda Clayton has tested a vast range of mattress for us and has some good suggestions based on what she rated (should you need ideas):

Side sleeper: softer mattresses can be preferable. Linda rates the Simba hybrid as the best mattress for side sleepers, but most with a foam or memory foam topper will suit.  

Back sleeper: think medium mattresses, that’s neither very soft, nor very firm. Reviewer Linda found the Eve mattress a top choice for back sleepers. 

Change position between side and back: medium firm can work well.

Front sleeper: a firm mattress can give you adequate support. Linda found the Sealy Active Geltex 2200 mattress a great choice for front sleepers.  

4. What's the mattress made from? (And is it right for you?)

There’s a huge choice of mattress fillings out there these days, and different designs can be equally good solutions for the same person. Not bothered about fillings? Move on to tip five. Otherwise, bear the following in mind:

Open-sprung mattresses are budget buys, so don’t opt for one of these for your own bed – save it for the guest room. It is unlikely to be sufficiently supportive for every-night sleep, nor be durable enough.

Pocket-sprung mattresses offer good support. The springs work independently to allow them to support each sleeper’s shape and weight – and avoid roll-together. They come in a variety of firmnesses. Our number three best mattress and the top pocket-sprung version is the Rest Assured Richborough pocket latex

Memory foam moulds to your body to support you. It may make you feel warm. If so, go for a breathable version. It can be a good option for allergy sufferers. Our number one mattress is the Casper mattress, which is made from comfort foam and memory foam. 

Latex mattresses tend to be firm and are breathable. The latex is actually the core of the mattress, so you’ll find it’s combined with foam or pocket springs (see above).

Hybrid mattresses offer a pocket spring plus memory foam top layer combination so you get the response of the springs plus the moulding to your body of memory foam. Expert Linda Clayton found the Otty Hybrid mattress to be a great all-rounder.

6. Check the mattress weight (if it's a turner)

Some mattresses need regular rotation from head to toe at the very least and may also need turning and, therefore, you should take a look at the weight when you’re buying, especially if this is for your bed. If you don’t want to have to flip it over, opt for a one-sided mattresses; otherwise, you can go for a double-sided design. Does it have handles? These will help when turning or rotating.

7. Nailed your mattress preferences? Check our best mattress guide

We've reviewed the best mattresses in the world – and our best mattress list includes our very favourites. You can use our guide to narrow your choice down further – it includes buys to suit every sleep position, firmness preference and even low budgets (Ikea's on there, guys, we're realistic). Not found one you want on there? Move on to tip eight.

8. Bookmark mattress retailers' Black Friday pages now

It's worth bookmarking retailers' pages now so that you can find what you're looking for. Some retailers will even allow you to fill your basket then retain its contents (which will adjust to the new prices) so that all you have to do is press 'pay now' when the Black Friday deal drops. 

Best place to start? Our Black Friday mattress deals page is updated with all the latest deals and will be showing all the best deals (at the best prices, thanks to our clever price comparison widget) over Black Friday weekend. Want to go straight to retailers' pages? Use these links:

9. Shop the latest mattress sales

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