The best cordless vacuum 2019

These are the best cordless vacuums for anyone looking for something lightweight and easy to use with a superior battery life


On the hunt for the best cordless vacuum? No matter how neat you may think you are; dust, fluff and crumbs accumulate and there's no escaping the need to give the house a good vacuum at least once a week. Here are the best cordless vacuum cleaners to make your life that little bit easier. No more being tethered to the nearest socket (which as we all know is never nearly close enough) or lugging heavy vacuum cleaners outdoors to the car again. Imagine thorough cleaning with no back-breaking effort... 

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What is the best cordless vacuum?

Our pick of the best cordless vacuum you can buy is the VAX Blade 2 MAX. Featuring a sleek and lightweight design, the vacuum has a run time of 45 minutes, a capacity of 0.6 litres and it's pretty great at sucking up everything from crumbs to pet hair and even leaves. When the time comes, it's also very easy to empty...

How to buy the best cordless vacuum

The cylinder vacuums we might be used to can be a tad on the cumbersome side, and tend to be less energy-efficient than upright vacuums. Even then, although uprights are more efficient, they're even more unwieldy and very hard to manoeuvre up and down stairs, especially for people with back pain or mobility issues. 

When it comes to finding the right product, keep a close eye on our spec items below, which will tell you:

  • How long the battery lasts on default mode
  • How long it takes to recharge
  • The dust chamber capacity
  • What we think each one is best suited to

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The best cordless vacuums

Best cordless vacuum you can buy: VAX Blade 2 MAX

1. VAX Blade 2 MAX

Best cordless vacuum: The absolute best for suction, battery power and getting into those hard-to-reach areas

Best for: Suction
Battery life: 45 minutes
Charging time: 3 hours
Capacity: 0.6ltrs
Reasons to buy
+Sleek and lightweight design+Has a light so you can see underneath furniture+Great at sucking up hairs
Reasons to avoid
-When on max, can be loud

An extremely impressive piece of kit, VAX's Blade 2 MAX has almost three times more suction power than any of their other cordless vacuums, and you can tell by the fact that it'll actually try to suck up your flooring while you're cleaning. Ideal for those with pets or anyone who regularly finds their own hair scattered around the house, it has a special head designed to pick up every bit of dirt including leaves, bits of small paper and big crumbs. Not only does it perform well, it also has a light so you can see under your furniture while vacuuming. In our opinion, this is the best cordless vacuum you can buy right now. It does the job and more, and only needs three hours to charge, after which it will run for 45 minutes.

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Best cordless vacuum for portability: Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

2. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Best cordless vacuum for portability: This lightweight model is the absolute best for versatility

Best for: Portable
Battery life: 40 minutes
Charging time: 5 hours
Capacity: 0.54ltrs
Reasons to buy
+Incredible power+Really lightweight and easy to manoeuvre 
Reasons to avoid

The Dyson V8 Absolute is right up there at the top of the price range, but it’s more than earned it. Not only does it have a massive 40 minutes of battery life, but also a highly efficient filter intended to capture allergens, and an extremely lightweight body making it easy to cart up and down stairs; even for users with mobility issues. 

Its two level suction mode makes for total control and ultimate cleanliness without any compromise. With both a normal and extra power mode for tough spots, battery life will be the least of your worries whilst you're doing your weekly clean.

A single lever pull over a bin cleans this beauty out in seconds, and there's no filter fill-up for clogging anywhere – making for even more ease of long-term use. Our only complaint? It comes with a rather large price tag.

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Best cordless vacuum for time-saving: iRobot Roomba 605 Vacuum Cleaner

3. iRobot Roomba 605 Vacuum Cleaner

Best cordless vacuum for time-saving: This futuristic little robot vacuum takes it upon itself to clean your pad, no questions asked

Best for: Time-saving simplicity
Battery life: 60 minutes
Charging time: Nobody knows
Capacity: 0.6ltrs
Reasons to buy
+Just push a button and watch it go +Gets under low items of furniture 
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best at getting into corners 

The original robot vacuum cleaner is still going strong; and it’s making quite the name for itself. A re-invention of how we clean, Roomba is the best cordless vacuum for those who need a robot cleaner in their lives. 

Simply just turn it on, place it on the floor and it will go about its business. Taking all of the effort from cleaning, the completely self sufficient vacuum will trundle back to its charging point when the time comes to re-charge, with no intervention needed. With an app to control it downloadable via the app store, you can even make it clean whilst you're away, whether it be on holiday, at work or just at a friend's house.

Although its not as versatile as the Dyson cordless or handheld vacs for conquering those hard-to-get nooks and crannies, it can clean tricky areas under sofas and beds with ease, meaning you don’t have to bend down or move furniture to do it yourself.

For both its thorough and unsupervised cleaning, Roomba deserves a very respectable second place.

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Best industrial cordless vacuum: NUMATIC Henry Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

4. NUMATIC Henry Hoover Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Best industrial cordless vacuum: Henry’s back in a brand new form for convenient, cordless cleaning

Best for: Industrial-level cleaning
Battery life: 30 minutes
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Capacity: 6ltrs
Reasons to buy
+Classic Henry design, but cordless +Two speeds for ground-in dirt 
Reasons to avoid
-A bit cumbersome 

Good news for everyone who loves this friendly-faced fella but doesn’t want to be tethered by wires; Numatic’s Henry Hoover now comes in a modern cordless incarnation. Behold, the best cordless vacuum for demanding cleaning jobs.

Extremely surprisingly for a cordless vacuum, it's just as powerful as the corded Henry, making for respectable suction. The two-speed function allows you to dial up the power for more determined dirt, and its huge 6-litre capacity is a massive wow-factor for a cordless vacuum, and in the long-term equals less-emptying.

Being one of the most cumbersome products on the list, Henry falls down on his manoeuvrability. For those who have trouble lifting, we wouldn't recommend him due to size, however, he's perfect for those who live in a bungalow or flat. For both price and power, you really can't go wrong.

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Best cordless vacuum for small homes: Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with TruePet and Flexology IF200UKT

5. Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with TruePet and Flexology IF200UKT

Best cordless vacuum for small homes: A flexible, foldable vacuum for easy storage in small homes

Best for: Small houses
Battery life: 22 minutes
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Capacity: 0.33ltrs
Reasons to buy
+Works wonders on pet hair +Very easy to manoeuvre and store 
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best battery life 

With a number of versatile attachments included, The Shark DuoClean combines two unique technologies within one vacuum. Although it's ultra compact, it's still one of the best cordless vacuum for affordability combined with power.

Giving powerful cleaning a good go, this cordless cleaner without a doubt does its job and more. With dual brush rolls that work together to whisk away dirt both big and small, it also has a motorised pet tool that’s adept at picking up stubborn hairs. Providing better cleaning of larger chunks than even the Dyson, its real big seller is its flexibility. It hinges in the middle, meaning you can clean under furniture without having to bend down, and once your finished, it folds in half for easy storage.

Lacking on battery life in comparison to the others, it is however engineered for small houses, so it’s ample. Plus you can always get another battery to keep on going as long as you need.

Admittedly not as sleek as Dyson models, for almost half the price, we can overlook that.

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Best cordless vacuum for car cleaning: Dyson V6 Trigger Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

6. Dyson V6 Trigger Pro Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Best cordless vacuum for car cleaning: Clean on the fly with this ultra-portable handheld vacuum cleaner

Best for: Cleaning the car
Battery life: 20 minutes
Charging time: 3.5 hours
Capacity: 0.4ltrs
Reasons to buy
+Small but powerful +Great for detailed cleans 
Reasons to avoid
-20 minutes' battery life isn’t a huge amount of time 

Generally happy with your upright or cylinder vacuum but want something small, quick and light for top-up jobs and quick cleans? Give this handheld Dyson vacuum cleaner a go. It's the best cordless vacuum for cars, pets and quick jobs.

Promising fade-free suction to rival its larger siblings, The V6 Trigger Pro packs two tier radial cyclones in a body that’s just 1.6kg and 40cm end to end. Ideally suited to cleaning car upholstery, skirting boards and other hard-to-reach places, it also works wonders on pet hair. 

Ideal for use in the car as its battery life is perfect and it can easily fit into hard to reach areas, it's a great little nifty vacuum for last-minute run-arounds and thorough detail cleaning. 

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Best cordless vacuum for affordability: Hoover Freedom Cordless Vacuum Cleaner FD22G

7. Hoover Freedom Cordless Vacuum Cleaner FD22G

Best cordless vacuum for affordability: Total cleaning freedom for a surprisingly small price

Best for: Affordability
Battery life: 25 minutes
Charging time: 6 hours
Capacity: 0.7ltrs
Reasons to buy
+Very affordable  +Shares lots of features with the V8 
Reasons to avoid
-Long charging time 

Following Dyson’s shining example, Hoover has picked up a lot of cues from its premium-priced cousin in this budget-friendly model. This is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners for reliability and affordability.

From its easy-empty dust bin to its handheld mode for convenient cleaning around the house; the hunt is over for a cordless vacuum cleaner on a budget. It also has a rotating brush bar which picks up nearly invisible bits of dirt and fluff from carpets.

Upping the effortless cleaning game, the product has two modes to help get the job done quicker. Trigger mode can be used for super quick cleaning and the continuous cleaning mode lets you roam around the house without even having to hold down a button. 

Taking a little longer to charge and not lasting as long as some of the other competition, it's still a pretty good substitute if you can't quite justify the expense of the slightly more convenient Dyson.

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