This cheap 4K TV at Aldi is selling out – hurry, before it goes

This 55in 4K TV has all the spec you would want to watch, and it comes at a price which is hard to beat. Shop now (before others beat you to it)

Cheap 4k TV - Portnoy Kitchen - Replacing a badly-built extension gave Ellie and Nick the chance to create a bespoke space for family and floppy-eared pets
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We LOVE it when we find deals, and even more so when a cheap 4K TV deal turns up where we least expect to find one. This TV is pretty impressive because – just like the best TVs out there – it has all the tech spec you could possibly need.

The Medion 55in UHD 4K Smart TV with HDR is an online exclusive over at Aldi which means that it can not be bought in store. This really is no bad thing because it means that you can stay away from the mayhem now lockdown is easing, and you can get it delivered safely to your door with no fuss. You do, however, have to pay for this delivery but it is pennies when compared to the fab price point which you'll be buying this television for.

Keep scrolling to find out more about this screen, and check out with it sooner rather than later because (from our experience) stock doesn't hang around for long.

Medion 55in UHD 4K Smart TV with HDR | £329.99 at Aldi
This smart TV not only comes with a breathtaking 4K UHD picture quality but it also has MEMC (Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation) Technology as standard. This creates a much sharper, smoother presentation of fast sequences, so it's a real game changer for action-adventure films and shows. You can also stream your own content from phone or tablet devices. Order today, get it within a matter of days.View Deal

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