The Le Creuset Factory to Table sale is happening, and you can save up to half off a treasured Dutch oven

Hurry, these Dutch ovens and cast iron griddles are selling out faster than it takes to pre-heat the oven during the Le Creuset Factory to Table sale

Le Creuset sale
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There's no beating around the bush. We love Le Creuset, and wish we could collect the entire collection, outfit our countertops with colorful enameled beachy Caribbean blue or classic Cerise Red... but it's expensive... an investment. So, when Le Creuset goes on sale, it's a pretty big deal.

Le Creuset's storied Factory to Table sale just kicked off, and the good news is, you can save up to 50 percent off, making it the perfect time to start (or add to) your Le Creuset cookware collection. Plus, spend just $99, and you qualify for free shipping.

The tough part, product is flying off the digital shelves. So don't miss out on securing your next heirloom-quality cast iron piece, because you'll regret it if you don't take part in a sale that is this exciting. The Le Creuset Factory to Table sale runs through April 19th, or when inventory runs out. 

I'm already tearing up a little for missing out on a  gorgeous limited-edition Cherry Blossom Dutch Oven I spotted, but no worries, there's still plenty of Dutch Ovens, grill pans, and ceramics in a variety of colors to set your hearts aflutter. Check out our sale picks, below. 

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1.  A classic Dutch oven to invest in

3 1/2 Qt. Round Wide Dutch Oven in Caribbean| was $305, now $183 

Your kitchen is not complete without a signature Le Creuset Dutch Oven gracing your stovetop, now 40 percent off. This 3 1/2 qt. Round Wide Dutch Oven has a roomy base that won't crowd food contents and is built for braising, roasting, baking or frying. View Deal

2. An extra-large grill pan for the BBQ experience indoors

Extra-Large Double Burner Grill | Was $225, now $135

This extra large grill pan offers a massive cooking surface for searing up steaks and charring veggies that fits neatly over two stovetop burners.  The ridges create attractive char lines  (like you actually used a grill) and impart a smoky flavor, while draining away excess fat. Choose from Cerise, Oyster, and Ocean colorways.View Deal

3. A casserole dish for all your baking needs

Heritage Square Casserole | Was $100, now $50

A casserole dish always seems to be an under-rated kitchen companion, but this particular stoneware casserole dish is a must-have for bringing your freshly baked meal straight to the table. We can't stress enough how essential is for getting you through family-secret casserole recipes to Chicken bakes and even home-made brownies. It features a tight-fitting lid, easy-to-grip grooved side handles, and is  freezer, microwave, oven, broiler and dishwasher safe. View Deal

4. A teapot you'll start your morning with everyday 

Classic Whistling Kettle | Was $100, now $50

If you're a purist when it comes to a classic kettle for your morning tea or hot water supply for French press coffee or oatmeal, the matte blue Classic Whistling Kettle is one you'll be reaching for day after day. Its made of lightweight and durable carbon steel to quickly bring water to a boil and features a fixed single-tone whistle that alerts when the water has reached a rolling boiling. It makes for a perfect treat yourself gift to yourself or someone special. View Deal

5.  A cast iron griddle pan that's perfect for breakfast favorites... and so much more

Square Skinny Griddle | Was $155, now $93

This square 9.5-inch griddle pan features Le Creuset's protective satin black enamel to prevent damage and wear. It develops a non-stick patina over time that makes frying up a brunch feast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes an easy feat.  We also find the square size perfect for mastering comforting grilled cheese sandwiches to seared steaks. Choose from Caribbean, Marseille, Oyster, Palm and Emerald Green. View Deal

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Jaclyn Turner

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