Amazon's Black Friday kitchen deals have landed — here are our top 7 must-buys

Overwhelmed by the choices? Here are 7 Black Friday Kitchen Deals to add to your carts ASAP!

Black Friday kitchen deals
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If 2020 taught us one thing? We don't love takeout as much as we thought we did. Sure, it was our go-to in-between hectic work schedules and last-minute after-work plans, but now?

 Well, seeing as we don't leave the comfort of our homes (well, ever), we're tired of ordering in every single night. And, with many of our culinary skills below average, many of us are stuck at an impasse — or are we?

Not so fast! There's one retailer who's not only heard our troubles but understands them. For anyone who's looking to turn their inevitable kitchen nightmares and bring them to a Top Chef-level, they've got it covered. Or at the very least, their Black Friday Kitchen Deals do. 

Amazon's Black Friday Kitchen Deals has everything a kitchen-enthusiast could ever dream of — and we say that regardless of where you stand cooking-level-wise. So, whether you're looking to sharpen up your knife set or looking for upgrade all of your kitchen essentials, Amazon not only has it — but has it on sale. 

So, if you're wondering which must-haves you must-have? Continue reading. We've rounded up the seven can't miss Amazon Black Friday Kitchen Deals (opens in new tab) that are impossible to beat. 

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Ovanto Cleaver 7-inch Knife (opens in new tab) l (Was $32.99) Now $29.99, at Amazon

Looking for a knife that can chop, slice, dice, and whatever your recipes call for? Reach for this 7" inch (opens in new tab)version which offers supreme maneuverability to handle whatever task that's at hand.   

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DASH DEG200GBAQ01 Everyday Nonstick Electric Griddle  (opens in new tab)l (Was $49.99) Now $39.99, at Amazon

Are you hoping to make every morning as easy as Sunday morning? Naturally, we all are — and this griddle (opens in new tab)will be an absolute essential in any (and every) kitchen. Measuring in at 1975x95 this electric griddle is perfect for family meals, entertaining, or cooking a variety of foods for picky eaters all at once. Simply plug the cord in and start cooking! 

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Instant Read Food Thermometer (opens in new tab) l (Was $14.99) Now $11.99

The most underrated tool in the kitchen? A superior electric thermometer (opens in new tab) — and that's what we found here. This trusty tool offers up fast and accurate results with almost-instant service (users will have them in 3-to-4 seconds!). Plus, the only thing better than that? It's only $11.99! 

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Ultrean 6 Quart Air Fryer (opens in new tab)l (Was $79.99) Now $63.99, at Amazon

Love fried food but hate the guilt? So do we — and that's why this Black Friday, we're in full support of this air fryer. (opens in new tab) Here, this air fryer offers up a 360-degree machine that grills, fries, and cooks all of your go-to meals with 80% less oil. Factor in the hassle-free instructions when in-use? Consider us all sold. 

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BELLEFORD Insulated Food Delivery Bag (opens in new tab) l (Was $44.95) Now $33.95, at Amazon

Now, we know what you're thinking: "Why do I need a food delivery bag, (opens in new tab)" and trust us, you do. In the event, you head out the door (to those small 10-person socially distant gatherings), you'll want to bring a handful of items that can last the distance. This insulated bag keeps food both hot and cold and offers up a removable bottom plate. 

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GLACIER FRESH Water Filter (opens in new tab)l (Was $29.98) Now $25.39, at Amazon

Is it time for a new filter? If so, this one (opens in new tab) is perfect for anyone who's looking to freshen up their water and make ice. Compatible with most refrigerators, this choice will provide cleaner, healthier water on a regular basis. 

Need an idea of a water bottle to enjoy this fresh water in? Check out our best water bottle guide here (opens in new tab)

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Dish Drying Rack, Packism 2 Tier (opens in new tab) l (Was $49.99) Now $33.99, at Amazon

Naturally, we've saved the best for last! For those who's living space lacks a dishwasher, we're here to tell you: You're not alone, and this drying rack (opens in new tab) will smoothen out your daily cleaning routine. Here, this two-tier stainless steel rack can accommodate all of your dish and utensils needs; plus it offers, an anti-slip feature, a breathable drain design, and even a dish holder to lock your items in safe and sound. Talk about a one-stop-shop! 

Still, want more? Check out additional Amazon Black Friday Kitchen Deals below: 

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