10 Christmas presents you can buy in the Amazon Black Friday sale*

*That don't look like you bought them in the Amazon Black Friday sale

Christmas presents Amazon Black Friday sale
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Hey, what is wrong with buying your Christmas presents from the Amazon Black Friday sale? Especially when there are plenty of lovely things on offer? We are talking about beauty gift sets, festive booze, affordable coffee machines and wireless headphones. So go and get a few people ticked off your Christmas list with our round-up of the best Christmas presents you can buy in the Amazon Black Friday sale...

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Bomb Cosmetics Santa Says Relax Handmade Hessian Bath Blaster Gift Pack | Was £17.11 now £11.29

Who doesn't love a good bath bomb? You've got to have something to look forward to in January and a copious amount bath bombs are one of the few joys post-Christmas. We love this quirky 'Santa says Relax' from Bomb Cosmetics – which by the way are a fab brand that are environmentally conscious, and use only natural ingredients wherever possible, plus all their bath bombs look adorable. View Deal

Baylis & Harding Fuzzy Duck Winter Wonderland Indulgent Bathing Gift Set | Was £18 now £8.49

And if Bomb Cosmetics is a bit... pink for whoever you are buying for, check out this lovely Baylis & Harding set. It's the packaging that's drawing us in, plus we can see the words gin and tonic going on and that's always going to catch our eye (it's actually a candle.) 

L'Oreal Men Expert The Expert Hydra Energetic Washbag Gift Set | Was £13.99 now £11.89

And if the man your life (husband, boyfriend, dad, Ian in subs who you've never met but got for Secret Santa), isn't big on the bath bombs and gin candles, treat them to some new MANLY toiletries. You get loads in this L'Oreal set, including a Hydra Energetic (don't even know what that means but sounds MANLY, no?) Tissue Mask, that we think Ian would love. View Deal

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Stubble Trimmer and Shaver | Was £33.32 now £26.66

Because nothing says Merry Christmas like a stubble trimmer. Seriously this might not be the most romantic of gifts, but it is practical and it will get used and at such a fab price what's not to love? (Except maybe the 'experimental' beard shapes that will come of gifting this.) View Deal

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Sloe Gin | Was £34.99 now £27.99

Let's be honest you can't really go wrong with booze for a Christmas present can you? And we can vouch, as we have drunk all the gin on this earth, that Monkey 47 is delicious and the sloe just gives it a nice festive twist. View Deal

Jura Journey Single Malt Whisky | Was £29.69 now £19.79

And for you non gin drinkers (sort yourselves out) Jura whiskey is also in the Amazon Black Friday sale. This makes for a great gift for a host, you know when you have to do the rounds and go and see your Uncle Bill (who's not really your uncle) – you don't know him intimately enough to buy him the stubble trimmer, but you don't want to turn up with nothing. View Deal

Breville All-in-One Coffee House | Was £219.99 now £149.99

This is a bit of a treat present, but it's still a complete bargain. If the coffee lover in your life has been dropping hints that their cafetiere just isn't cutting it anymore, surprise them with a swish coffee machine. It covers all bases – espresso, filter and pods, plus it has a milk frother. Brill quality, too.View Deal

Arbily Bluetooth Earbuds | Was £36.99 now £29.99

After some affordable headphones to gift to an impossibly hard to buy for teen? They are great mid-range priced headphones, made ever-cheaper by the Amazon Black Friday sale. These Arbily headphones come in a charging case, which can recharge the earbuds up to 18 times and each time you get four hours of music playtime. 

Joseph Joseph Nest 9 Plus Nesting Set | Was £35 now £25.99

Give the gift of smugness with these always covetable Joseph Joseph bowls. See these on someone's kitchen side and you just automatically think they have their life together – for all you know they too could have bought them for £25.99 in the Amazon Black Friday sale. 

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambiance Starter Kit | Was £113.16 now £69.99

An unusual Christmas gift yes, but these are so much more than just a box of lightbulbs. This kit is a really straightforward introduction to smart lighting. You get everything you need here to get started. See it as grown-up toy for someone to play with on Christmas day, except instead of all going outside to fly the remote-controlled helicopter, you sit in the dark saying 'Alexa, turn on the lights.' Ooooh. Ahhhh. 

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