Christmas card display ideas: 8 ways to turn your cards into decorations

Let these Christmas card display ideas transform your cards into gorgeous decorations!

Christmas card display ideas
(Image credit: Bloom)

Looking for Christmas card display ideas? Well, you are in the right place, because we received our first Christmas card this morning and are feeling instantly more festive. It's always tricky to know what to do with Christmas cards, they always look so pretty but you don't necessarily want them covering every surface in your home for the month. So we have rounded up 10 creative ways to turn your cards into stylish decorations!

Keeping scrolling to be inspired and for plenty more Christmas decoration ideas head over to our gallery next. 

1. Hang your Christmas cards from ribbons

(Image credit: Bloom)

If you like traditional Christmas decorations displaying your Christmas cards from pretty ribbons will fit your look perfectly. You can easily DIY a ribbon card hanger using a thick ribbon and pegs, but if you don't think your crafting skills are up to that fear not, you can pick up this gorgeous deep green hanger for just £9 from Bloom.

2. Clip your Christmas cards into a garland

How lovely is this Christmas card display idea from @mandyenohome? If you have a Christmas garland going up your stairs, along your mantlepiece, or like this around your doorway, peg your Christmas cards into the foliage for a personal touch. Just pick up some small wooden pegs cheaply on Amazon to secure them in place. 

3. Hang your cards on a festive string 

Christmas card display ideas

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

And if your surfaces are starting to fill up, simply hang your Christmas card on string. It's cute and rustic and really easy too. This set is from Ginger Ray – you get the string 16 wooden stag shaped pegs for just £4.99 and we love the idea of pegging into some greenery too to make it even more of a feature. 

4. Display your cards on a glittering snow flake

Christmas card display ideas

(Image credit: Next)

This snowflake card holder from Next would look lovely as just a stand alone decoration, but it doubles up as a cute way to display your Christmas cards. Ooh, you could also wind some little battery-powered lights around it to make it extra festive, 

5. Create a Christmas card tree

Christmas card display ideas

(Image credit: Hobbycraft)

Love this idea! Use your cards to create a Christmas card 'tree' – it's perfect for adding a festive touch to rooms that get a bit neglected when it comes to Christmas decor, like the kitchen for example. Again, we would take it even further and at in some battery powered fairy lights too. 

We have loads of alternative Christmas tree ideas over in our gallery so be sure to check that out too. 

6. Use your Christmas cards to decorate your hallway

Christmas card display ideas

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Speaking of rooms that can be tricky to decorate at Christmas, hallways!  You usually can't squeeze a tree in there, but you can give it some festive vibe with some fairy lights and your Christmas card collection. Obviously, you can just use string or ribbon, but these adorable pom pom lights from Dunelm add a little extra festiveness. 

7. Pin your Christmas cards to a memo board

Christmas card display ideas

(Image credit: Garden Trading )

Oh to have a dedicated wrapping station in your home! We are aware most of up will be turning the home office into our own version of Lapland so make your desk area extra festive by displaying your Christmas cards on your memo board. This memo board is from Garden Trading and you really could hang it anywhere to display your cards – and in some decs and sprigs of holly too!

8. DIY a ribbon board for your Christmas cards

Of course, Martha Stewart would have a solution to the, as she very aptly calls it 'blizzard' of Christmas cards. These boards look so pretty and are so easy to make, plus they can be used all year round in your kitchen, hallway or office for storing notes and post. Simply cover a cork memo board in a fabric of your choice, either stapling or gluing it in place, then run your ribbons over in whatever pattern you like, again securing at the back of the board. You can then slide your cards behind the ribbon and pin them in too. 

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