I just bought 1,040 Yorkshire Tea bags for under £20 – thanks Amazon Black Friday

... and now I won't have to buy tea for at least six months

Making a cup of Yorkshire Tea
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Amazon Black Friday is well known for offering some mad discounts on big bulk buy items. In previous years we have seen people go mad for bumper packs of toilet roll (72 rolls of Andrex Gentle for £27 for example) – probably very apt this year, too – but I have been suckered in by an even better deal.

I have just bought 1,040 Yorkshire Tea bags for just £16.99 on Amazon. I wasn't just coerced by the fact I have Yorkshire blood so can't resist a cup of Yorkshire Tea, or a bargain. This deal is great for stocking up and saving a fiver every month or so on the smaller boxes from the supermarket.

If, like me, you drink around three cups of tea a day, this bag will last you 346 days – so just shy of a year. For a family of four where everyone has two cups, you will get a good 130 days out of this bag which is approximately four months. And tea can keep for a year, no problem, in a cool dry place. But enough of the tea bag maths, it really is a good deal ahead of what little entertaining we will be allowed to do this Christmas. And being stuck at home, your company probably isn't funding your tea addiction like before, so grab a bag to save on your next tea round. 

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Yorkshire Tea Bags 3.25kg (1,040 tea bags) | £23.99

Yorkshire Tea Bags 3.25kg (1,040 tea bags) | £23.99 £16.99 (save £7) on Amazon
It is the best tea, no argument. The makers are part of the Ethical Tea Partnership and Rainforest Alliance, too. This bumper bag is great for a family of tea lovers. The saving alone is the price you usually pay for about 320 tea bags in two smaller boxes. Some quick maths tells us this is just under 2p a bag too, so bargain cuppas all round. 

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