Want fast streaming? Amazon launches the Fire TV Cube – their speediest streaming device yet

Want unrivalled streaming access to your favourite films, series and more? The Amazon Fire TV Cube is fast, powerful and smart enabled. Here's everything you need to know about it...

Amazon Fire TV cube
(Image credit: Amazon)

Looking for a top of the range, fast streaming device to ensure you keep up to date with your fave TV series, as well as the latest films, games and more? Having launched in the United States earlier this year, Amazon have released the much anticipated Fire TV Cube in the UK, too.

Discover exactly what the Fire TV Cube has to offer, how it compares to other streaming devices and when you'll be able to get yours, below. Then, why not compare it to our pick of the best streaming devices currently available?

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So, what is the Fire TV Cube? And what does it do that other streaming devices don't? Well, aside from being the fastest and most powerful streaming devices out there (pretty impressive credentials, you have to say) the Fire TV Cube also comes with Alexa built-in, meaning it can be controlled from across the room, using the power of your voice, alone.

Speaking about the thought process behind the Fire TV Cube, Eric Saarnio, Head of Amazon Devices EU says, 'We believe voice is the most natural user interface and will fundamentally change the way people interact with technology. Amazon Fire TV Cube uses the Alexa voice service, which will make it easier for customers to control their entertainment experience and watch the TV and movies that matter most to them, hands-free. As the first far-field Fire TV in the United Kingdom, we’re excited to be delivering easier and quicker ways for our customers to use their device.'

And we think he has a pretty good point. Access as many as 200,000 TV episodes and movies – many of which are in 4K – in a matter of moments without ever having to hunt for the remote again. We can picture ourselves now: 'Alexa, watch The Crown on Netflix.'

When is the Amazon Fire TV Cube available?

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is available for pre-order now for just £109.99. Shipping will begin as soon as 10th October, meaning you'll only have to wait for a month or so to start streaming, Brilliant.