When's the best time to buy appliances? Everything you need to know

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In the market for some new kitchenware? If you’re reading this piece and your big or small kitchen appliance has gone kaput, you may wanna replace that bad boy a li’l sooner. But if you can hang on and wait for the best times of year to buy them, I def recommend doing so.

I absolutely love to grab a bargain and am forever scouting out websites for deals whenever I shop (look, I’m not buying those heels full price, period). Rather than rushing to buy things, taking the time to wait and find a good discount is a great way to save yourself some serious dollar in the long run. Y’know, so you have extra cash to buy those heels.

I’ve sought out expert advice to find out why doing this is important, the right times of year to buy appliances, as well as top tips for getting a bargain. So yes, everything you need to know is right here.

Scroll on down and get ready to make a load of calendar reminders… 

Why is it important to choose the right time to buy appliances?

Okay, so you might actually be wondering why it’s such a big deal. All questions are good questions here, folks. “Manufacturers and retailers promote different appliances at different times of the year based on usage patterns,” explains Justin Reinke, VP of marketing at Beko Home Appliances USA. “This way, consumers can save considerably if they plan their appliance shopping around this schedule.” Makes sense, right?

Best times of year to buy small kitchen appliances

As a general rule, cooking and food prep are associated with the holiday season. “This is why retailers will likely promote ovens and ranges in October and November,” explains Reinke.

The same goes for smaller kitchen appliances. “For air fryers, toasters, electric kettles, and bullet blenders specifically, it’s hard to beat Black Friday for the best deals when manufacturers and retailers are most willing to cut prices,” he adds. “Since most Black Friday sales now start well before the Friday after Thanksgiving, some of the best deals in small appliances can be found in early November or even before Halloween.” Get ahead of the game and you’ll win the savings game.

Reinke also says that small appliances have because a big focus on Amazon Prime Day, which has grown to be a two-day event in July. “If July or November doesn’t work, look for discounts around the President’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day holidays — although these deals likely won’t be as significant as Black Friday or Prime Day.” Those two are pretty major dates for buying, JS.

In terms of “healthy eating” appliances like bullet blenders and air fryers, Reinke advises looking around January, when manufacturers and online retailers go big on the “new year, new you” market. I’m absolutely guilty of being part of that crowd every year, so this makes complete sense to me.

Best times of year to buy cleaning appliances

Traditionally, laundry appliances have been promoted in late summer and early fall, with a focus on Labor Day before the back-to-school clothes-cleaning crush. Luckily nowadays, you don’t just have a window of a couple of months. Phew. “Most cleaning appliances (such as vacuums, mops, and steam cleaners) now have popularity spikes in April, after tax refunds in the USA, and in July, September, and November prompted by July 4th, Labor Day, and Black Friday sales, respectively,” says Reinke. Keep an eye on these dates for retailers pushing value-for-money deals.

Top tips for buying appliances

Reading this and eyeing up your kitchen, thinking how good a shiny and new appliance would look in there? As well as choosing the right time of year, there are other important factors to think about. Here are Reike’s insider tips:

  • Use manufacturer websites to really learn about what type of products are right for you based on your individual needs. For example, if you use a lot of dishes then a larger dishwasher may be right for you.
  • Check out home media websites as they often publish holiday-specific promotions. We at Real Homes cover all the major holidays, so keep an eye on our site around times like Prime Day and Black Friday for round-ups of the best deals.
  • Visit your local independent appliance retailer who can support you with the level of appliance expertise you likely won’t find at a big box. You should plan to shop the independents to get ideas even if you don’t plan to purchase. Most buyers are surprised at what they can learn — and how much they can save — at a specialty retailer.
  • Consider purchasing an open-box or floor model for larger appliances. You can usually get a much better price and avoid supply chain backups by purchasing appliances on the floor. FYI: Open-box appliances are those that someone else has bought and returned and are sold at a discount.

Now you have all the info you need to snatch a deal, as well as scout out any additional info you may need before purchasing. Your bank balance will thank you for following this advice, trust.

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