Wakey, wakey: these 9 alarm clocks are a must for stylish sleepy heads

iPhone alarm not cutting it? Same

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Unless you're part of the 5 AM club or about to go on a five-star vacay, you probably aren't jumping out of bed on an average weekday. Nevertheless, missing an early-morning lecture or 9 AM meeting ain't an option. So, after several times hitting snooze on your iPhone, you reluctantly rise and grind. Yes, you make it to college, work, or whatever ridiculous gym class you now regret signing up for, and yes, you're questioning if you're fully awake, but soon the matcha latte kicks in. From here, you repeat the process daily. Sound familiar?

Well, not me anymore, now that I have re-discovered the importance of a proper alarm clock. No, I'm not talking about that pathetic one on our iPhones, which never
seem to get you up on time. I mean standalone digital and analog alarm clocks, many of which now come with ingenious sunrise lighting or tough-love settings like the bed shaker. Trust me, you'll appreciate it when suddenly, you're arriving to every appointment early and springing from your bed.

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I've searched the web for the best-ever alarm clocks, all highly reviewed by shoppers online. Once you've picked out your favorites, you can then finalize your sleep routine thanks to our mattresses in a box review. 

The best alarm clocks to buy in 2023

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The best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

This is a safe space, so, hands up, who really gets into a deep slumber? I thought so. There's good news, though. With these ingenious designs, you won't be able to sleep in. Pillow vibrations, dual alarms, or even runaway alarms (they're a thing)... Such functions will have your sleep game back on track in no time.

The best alarm clocks with lights

Unless you've been living under a rock, you might have heard about the ingenious designs that make waking up that much better. Yep, thanks to a gentle change in lighting, you can keep your circadian rhythm thriving at its best with help from a wake-up light. Follow our lead. 

The best analog alarm clocks

Sometimes, you can't beat a classic. After all, if the standard analog design has stood the test of time this long, it's clearly for good reason. Not only does it offer a touch of retro charm, but it's also attractive to those that just want a no-nonsense design to carry them out of their bed.


How do I stop sleeping through my alarm?

Good question. However together your life is, there's no beating around the bush, we all sleep in sometimes. That said, you can enact some easy damage control. According to physician and healthcare educator Dr. Kelvin Fernandez, who works for Ace Med Boards, the act of having to get out of bed physically is one such solution. Indeed, this is where the Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheel from Walmart, for example, would come in handy, as it literally forces you to chase it. "Additionally, I experimented with different alarm sounds," says Fernandez. "Some folks do well with gradual, calming tones, while others need the jarring buzz of a traditional alarm." If you're after the latter, the analog alarm clocks above should cover your needs. Fernandez also suggests trying the sunrise alarm clocks with lights, like those above, as these mimic natural sunlight for a smoother wake-up. These "can be especially helpful during darker winter months or if you're getting up before the sun rises," he adds.

Why is it so hard to wake up even after 8 hours of sleep?

Ah, the eternal question! Luckily physician and educator Dr. Kelvin Fernandez from Ace Med Boards could offer some insight here. "There's a multitude of factors that could be at play," he says. "We all have different sleep needs, and it's entirely possible that your body needs a bit more than the average person. However, it's also essential to consider the quality of sleep." Of course, if you're tossing and turning, even for eight hours, or waking up lots in the night, this will affect those eight hours.

He continues, "Also, bear in mind that our sleep cycles don't always neatly align with our alarm clocks. If you're jolted awake in the middle of a deep sleep phase, it's going to feel a lot harder to get up." Oh, and it goes without saying, but your all-nighters and late-night Netflix binges are always a no-no. "They can wreak havoc on your sleep rhythm over time," he notes. Perhaps, if you always get sucked into your smartphone, this is where the simplicity of an alarm clock like those above will be handy to you.

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Where to buy an alarm clock

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How we chose these alarm clocks

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