These tips for Black Friday shopping in store will save you time, money (and fisticuffs)

Elbows and trainers at the ready, Black Friday shopping in store can get a little manic. Here's how to get the best deals and stay sane

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Have you put Black Friday shopping in your calendar? Been holding off from buying things as you know it is not too far off now? Yep, us too. With just six weeks to go you may have seen deals dropping online already – we have been keeping track of everything Black Friday as it happens. But not everyone wants to grab their bargains online and you might be wondering how to get the best bargains in person by hitting the stores in person on 29 November.

If you're gearing yourself up for an early start and battling the crowds of Black Friday in store, check out our top tips for getting the best deals, buying things you won't regret and staying sane while doing it!

1. Be prepared for your Black Friday shopping

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so don't step foot inside a store without doing your research. If you're after something specific, find out what exact model you want, and how much you're willing to pay for it beforehand. This will cut down your decision-making time in the store, and ensure you're actually buying what you want, rather than being swayed by the best deal and ending up regretting your choice a few months down the line. 

2. Use your smart phone for in store Black Friday shopping

Just because you're shopping IRL does not mean you should abandon all tech. Keep your smart phone to hand so you can compare prices with other retailers, enabling you to request a price match or head to a different store for a better deal.

3. Remember Marie Kondo's Black Friday mantra

If you don't need it, or if it doesn't spark joy, it is not a bargain, as Marie Kondo would 'probably' say. Only purchase things that will make your home life easier, or if you absolutely adore them. Filling your home with things 'because they were on offer' is not going to help your wellbeing or your bank account. 

4. Find out if the shops will match prices

Some retailers will match prices if their products can be found cheaper elsewhere. Find out if your local store does this and check other online stores. If your product can be found cheaper elsewhere during the Black Friday shopping weekend, you may get an even better deal without having to head further afield. 

5. Create a Black Friday shopping wishlist

Black Friday shopping can get crazy. Plan your trip to perfection, listing the stores you'll go to, the order in which you'll go to them and what exact buys you'll be looking for in those stores. Each store needs its own wishlist so you can make a beeline for them as soon as you enter. Of course, you can deviate, but set a budget for spontaneous purchases and do not go beyond.

6. Check the returns policy 

There's no denying that on Black Friday shopping centres are going to be... hectic... to say the least. Fitting rooms WILL be a nightmare, so you may consider buying now and trying them on at home. Ensure to check the returns policy on Black Friday deals, as you don't want to be stuck with a load of half price gear that doesn't fit. 

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