This Ikea hack will pimp your lampshades in 3 easy steps

This Ikea hack doesn't even need that (much-missed) trip to the Swedish superstore – chances are you already have this lampshade – or one that's similar

Ikea hack: printed white lanterns
(Image credit: Ikea)

This Ikea hack is social distancing friendly. Why? Because chances are you already have the lamp in question – or something similar – hung up somewhere in your home. Can you guess which one it is? No? Okay, we'll tell you. You know, the round, white paper Regolit Lantern that costs just £1.95? Bingo.

Perfect for those seeking out weekend projects to keep them occupied while we socially distance – or even self isolate – ourselves, these hacks will spruce up a tired looking space and give this super-popular lampshade slightly more personality. Check them out below.

1. Pick up a paintbrush for a simple update

Ikea lantern

(Image credit: Ikea)

No matter how much you doubt your own artistic abilities, we think even the most inept will be able to manage this one. All you need is a paintbrush, some paint and a little self belief.

All this hack requires is that you paint intermittent strokes across the face of your lamp shade. Above, black paint has been used, but you could opt for a range of pastel shades for a Spring-inspired finish.

2. Switch up the cord with some ribbon

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This hack is super simple, but also pretty effective. Why not consider wrapping a piece of ribbon around the cord of your lantern for a slightly more tasteful finish? 

We love the way these lanterns have been grouped, but you can apply the principle to just one lantern if that's all that you have.

3. Try your hand at printing

Ikea lamp

(Image credit: Ikea)

Got some stamps hanging around your house? Try dipping them in paint and printing onto your lamp shade for a stylish finish. Here a leaf print has been used, but we also like the idea of polka dots, flowers, or stars. And again you don't have to stick to a monochrome look, this could also be a great opportunity to incorporate some colour into your space.