There's a new TV trend for 2020 – yep, ‘Edutainment’ is one to watch

Samsung have released new research that explores how our TV viewing habits have evolved in recent weeks. We list where you can buy a new television from, too

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Half way through the year, and GOSH have our TV viewing habits changed for 2020. Our television sets have been more than just a route to entertainment but to also access company – from close relatives to the rich and famous. And, of course, to see people's bookcases.

This is the new normal for TV screen time which has already evolved from just catching up on the latest shows as Brits are interacting with their TVs differently to learn new skills and engage with others. And, with the news that numerous TV shows are coming off air due to social distancing measures halting production, ultimately, this is going to further impact our viewing habits.

Keep scrolling to see what findings research company OnePoll – commissioned by Samsung – identified, and where you can get your hands on a new TV.

Where to buy the best TV?

The research – taken from a poll of 2,000 UK adults – shows that TV viewing habits have already adapted and shifted as 69 per cent answered they now use their TV differently than ever before. The TV now serves as an educator, with one in two Brits using TV screen time to pick up a new skill, and it's also the ultimate connector as 45 per cent of Brits are now connecting with others such as friends, external family members and even work colleagues through TV screen time.

Physical health improvements continue to be a TV trend, too. Almost 20 per cent of Brits say they have learnt new exercises and a further one-in-eight have gone gung-ho giving a Joe Wicks PE lesson a go. The TV star showed that through using our TV screens, the nation can maintain their health and well being, which is something that we believe is set to continue beyond this current situ.

The research also identified that one of the key motives driving the Edutainment trend is the rise of intergenerational gaming; one in eight Brits are using gameplay to engage with external family members, and a further one-in-10 are gaming to connect with friends. With a further one-in-eight of 18 to 24 year old respondents saying they now spend time teaching external friends and family members - such as their grandparents, aunts and uncles - on how to play trending online games to help relatives spend valuable ‘virtual’ time gaming and socialising with their families.

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