The TK Maxx sale is on – and it's great for vintage style lighting finds

TK Maxx sale harbours some gorgeous designer lighting finds with a fab vintage edge

TK Maxx sale: Shopping bags with people jumping
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The TK Maxx sale is dripping with gorgeous vintage-style lighting finds and we can't wait to get our hands on them (without breaking the bank). 

Yeah, yeah, we were going to wait until Black Friday to shop, but we need lighting now (it doesn't help that we spend a lot of our time filling our lighting hub page with amazing finds), and we're loving the prices at TK Maxx.

Whether your home already boasts a vintage look or is decked out with super modern furniture, the TK Maxx sale (opens in new tab) has statement lighting pieces that will give your rooms a high-end feel... on a budget. So, whether you're after rustic pendant lighting, a sleek table lamp or an ornate wall light, keep scrolling.

1. Black Angled Tripod Task Lamp, now £16, was £24.99

TK Maxx black tripod lamp

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Simple but sleek and cool, this black tripod lamp with gold accents captures that expensive look without demanding attention with garish colours and print. The white interior contrasts with the black exterior to give a super on-trend monochrome aesthetic while also promising a bright and efficient light. The perfect office lamp or reading light for your kid's bedroom, we think. Black Angled Tripod Task Lamp, was £24.99, now £16 (opens in new tab).

2. Gold Floral Wall Light, now £16, was £24.99

TK Maxx Floral Wall Light

(Image credit: TK Maxx)

Nothing says vintage like enchanting gold florals. This wall light is opulent without looking out of place in a modern home. The white canvas of this lamp shade gives the intricate design of the flowers a necessary minimalist accompaniment. Plus, the coolie shaped shade is a design that projects light around a room effectively. Gold Floral Wall Light, was £24.99, now £16 (opens in new tab)

3. Gold Tone & White Table Lamp, now £22, was £34.99

TK Maxx gold tone and white table lamp

(Image credit: TK Maxx)

This gold-tone table lamp has a the classic colour scheme and simple silhouette that makes it sure to complement any interior. The white tapered shade, ribbed light stand and square base show the innovation of the designer, boasting different textures to give a room more depth and intrigue. Gold Tone & White Table Lamp, was £34.99, now £22 (opens in new tab).

4. Egg Of Columbus Recycled Paper Ceiling Lamp, now £8, was £12.99

TK Maxx columbus hanging pendant light

(Image credit: TK Maxx)

This pendant light screams authentic vintage but yet is paired with a price tag of just £8. It gets better: the carton shade is made of recycled paper, complete with a braided cord drop in red. So, easy on the pocket, eye and environment. Egg Of Columbus Recycled Paper Ceiling Lamp, was £12.99, now £8 (opens in new tab)

5. Red Floral Print Shade, now £6, was £9.99

TK Maxx red floral lampshade

(Image credit: TK Maxx)

There's just something so charming about this crimson lampshade decorated with a soft, white floral print. It is sure to inject an element of class into any interior and allow its bulb to project a warm hue. It has such a vintage look we just can't believe it's only £6! Red Floral Print Shade, Was £9.99, Now £6 (opens in new tab)

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