13 sustainable Black Friday deals that are eco-friendly or recyclable

Be kind to the environment with these sustainable Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deals from the likes of Not on the High Street, Grind, Silentnight and more...

Sustainable Black Friday deals: Skandinavisk candle, GreenPan pans, eco travel cup
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Hoping to score some last minute Black Friday deals? Want to be eco-friendly in the process?  We are here to help with our roundup of sustainable Black Friday deals – that don't cost the earth. We understand that around Black Friday it can be overwhelming – and tempting – to buy things you otherwise wouldn't, just because of a cheaper price tag. Which is why we're here to cut through the noise and bring you some eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable Black Friday buys. All at a reasonable price.

For those who want to be kind on the planet – and sensible with their budget – these eco-friendly offers will only be live for a few more hours. Whether you're looking for yourself or for Christmas gifts (we have an eco-friendly gifts guide for that) here's what's on offer today.

Where to shop for sustainable products online?

13 sustainable Black Friday deals still live

Skandinavisk Lempi candle | £16

Skandinavisk Lempi candle | £16 £14.29 (save £1.71)  at Amazon
This incredible candle is a Real Homes firm favourite. It has a smell that's unique to any other candle we've owned, which comes from a blend of peonies, roses, strawberries and mosses. It's anything but overpowering and is actually nice and subtle – in design and smell. I love it so much that I like to save it for special occasions, and my guests are always impressed by it, too. 

Note: the 55g version features the older packaging, which is still lovely but this is why it is so cheap. If that doesn't bother you, then why not buy it now?

TOPLUS Yoga Mat | £30.99

TOPLUS Yoga Mat | £30.99 £15.88 (save £15.11) at Amazon
Choose from several different colours and work out from home in comfort and style. This yoga mat is constructed from no TPE and made using no PVC, it's non-toxic and there are no harmful chemicals used in the process of creation. Whether you are a dedicated yogi or you'll be doing HIIT at home, this non-slip yoga mat is great. And it's on sale.

Friction Free Shaving Starter Kit | From £9.95

Friction Free Shaving Starter Kit | From £9.95
This eco-friendly razor is made with a stainless steel handle, and it can be engraved with your name. The blades are recyclable and you can buy them on subscription so that you never run out. Saves a trip to the shops – right?

Method Concentrated Laundry Detergent Wild Lavender | £9

Method Concentrated Laundry Detergent Wild Lavender | £9 £6.50 (save £2.50) at Amazon
This lovely smelling laundry detergent is a powerful stain shifter, as well as being 95 per cent plant-based and free from harsh chemicals. One bottle is enough for 36 washes, and you can use it for whites, darks and colours.

Ecozone Forever Flush 2000 Toilet Block Twin Pack | £9.99

Ecozone Forever Flush 2000 Toilet Block Twin Pack | £9.99 £6.99 (Save £3) at Amazon
This toilet block can be placed in the cistern of your toilet and will keep it clean for up to 2,000 flushes. It's cruelty-free, vegan, non-toxic and biodegradable. Best of all, it helps to prevent stains and limescale build-up. 

See our roundup of the best toilet cleaners for more tried and tested buys

Wild | 25% off eco-friendly deodorant

Wild | 25% off eco-friendly deodorant
This brilliant eco-friendly deodorant is aluminium-free and you use it with compostable, plastic-free refills. A member of the Real Homes team has tried, tested and loved this deodorant – and they still use it to this day. Choose your case colour and engrave it with your name or initials. You can buy refills online or from your local Sainsbury's store.

GreenPan Saucepan Set | £72.81

GreenPan Saucepan Set | £72.81 £62.99 (save £9.82) at Amazon
This saucepan set is completely eco-friendly, with a healthy ceramic non-stick coating that's PFAS-free. They are made from aluminium with ergonomic stay cool handles, plus they are both hob and oven safe. Included in one set comes with a 16cm, 18cm and 20cm saucepan, all with lids.

bioGo Cup | £15

bioGo Cup | £15 £14.99 (save £1.01) at Amazon
Invest in a high-quality travel cup like this one and help save the planet one cup (and plastic lid) at a time. This one from Amazon comes in a range of colours and it's lightweight as well as BPA-free. Each cup stops an estimated 4,000 single-use cups being made, and they are dishwasher friendly.

L'OCCITANE Shea Verbena Liquid Soap Eco Refill | £15.20

L'OCCITANE Shea Verbena Liquid Soap Eco Refill | £15.20  (save 20%) at John Lewis
If you have a soap dispenser that you usually fill in your bathroom or kitchen, then instead of buying a bottle of hand soap to refill, you can buy this eco refill.

Micro Scooters Mini ECO Deluxe Scooter | £67.95 (save 20%) at John Lewis

Micro Scooters Mini ECO Deluxe Scooter | £67.95 (save 20%) at John Lewis
Treat your little one to this eco-friendly scooter. How is it eco-friendly? It's made from recycled fishing nets that have been cleaned and broken down into chips. It was also one of John Lewis' Christmas toys for 2020.

Silentnight Sleep Genius 2000 Pocket Eco Comfort Mattress | £527.20 (save 20%) at John Lewis

Silentnight Sleep Genius 2000 Pocket Eco Comfort Mattress | £527.20 (save 20%) at John Lewis
An eco-friendly mattress? You bet! This one is made from recycled plastic bottles, and it's fully recyclable at the end of its life. It's rated medium for firmness and its  eco comfort filling is highly breathable.

Tillyanna Personalised Original Family Adventures Jute Tote | £36.71

Tillyanna Personalised Original Family Adventures Jute Tote | £36.71 £27.71 (save £ ) at Not on The High Street
With premium leather handles, this personalised bag is made of natural jute, black jute, canvas and denim. It makes a great Christmas present and it's on sale.

Grind Compostable Coffee Pods | £13.50

Grind Compostable Coffee Pods | £13.50 £6.50 (save £7) at Grind
Subscribe to get these compostable coffee pods delivered straight to your door – you won't regret it. For just £6.50 on a Black Friday deal, you can get 30 pods plus a refillable tin and free shipping. Use the code FRIYAY.

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