Save £100 on this Panasonic soundbar – and transform your TV set up for good

Upgrade your TV set-up with the help of this top-rated Panasonic soundbar – now with £100 off

Panasonic soundbar
(Image credit: Panasonic)

Looking to upgrade your TV set-up? Whether you're after the home cinema feel, or just think you could benefit from improved audio in your living room, investing in a soundbar is a great option.

Aside from drastically improving sound quality – particularly given that many modern TV compromise sound in return for slimmer profiles – soundbars are also a great solution because they're small, streamlined and won't require you to run wires across the length of your space.

And while they may look small, they certainly pack a punch when it comes to sound quality. How? Well, by bouncing sound off the walls, in all directions, soundbars are capable of giving the impression that they're larger than they are. They'll never quite beat a 5.1 speaker system, but they'll do the job for the vast majority of us. And for a fraction of the price – which is always good news. 

What's even better news is that we spotted an epic deal on super popular Panasonic soundbar as part of the Currys Winter Clearance. Seriously, picking up this device gives you the power to totally transform your TV-set up for less than £150. Shop it below...

Panasonic SC-HTB688EBK 3.1 Wireless Sound Bar | Was £249, now £149 | Save £100
Enjoy crisper, clearer audio with this top-rated 3.1 soundbar from market leaders, Panasonic. Plus, its wireless design means it can be positioned anywhere – with no need for trailing wires.View Deal

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