Samsung appliance owners! The SmartThings app can now help you reduce your energy usage, too

Save money – and the planet – with the latest update to Samsung's SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings Energy Control
(Image credit: Samsung)

A collaboration between Samsung and energy provider, Bulb, means it's now possible for existing customers to pay closer attention to their energy usage, reducing bills and (more importantly) their impact on the planet. 

The latest update to Samsung's SmartThings app – a platform designed to allow Samsung appliance owners to control all of their smart devices from one location – SmartThings Energy Control connects to a Bulb smart meter, ultimately making it easier than ever to make smarter, greener decisions when it comes to energy usage. 

With a climate emergency officially declared by the UK government, we need to be serious when thinking about reducing our personal impact on the environment. And this new collaboration is a great first step. Find out how it works below.

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In essence, SmartThings Energy Control is a software that enables users to keep a closer eye on their energy usage. This is achieved by syncing the technology with an existing Bulb smart meter. From there, detailed, real time reports on energy usage are generated and delivered straight to the SmartThings app. 

So detailed are these reports that it's easy to make on the spot decisions about how (and where) you can focus on reducing your energy usage. But how does this differ from your average smart meter?

While smart meters – read more about them in our guide – provide users with knowledge regarding the amount of energy used, oftentimes what they don't share is where this energy is used. Are you running the washing machine more than you realised? Or do you have a terrible habit of leaving the bathroom light on? Your average smart meter can't tell you that, but data captured through SmartThings Energy Control, can.

Speaking about the importance of SmartThings Energy Control, Director of Connected Living for Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, Teg Dosanjh comments, 'We know that up to 40 per cent of UK carbon emissions are created in the home. While smart meters help increase awareness of energy usage, digital technology can help to create the behaviour changes required to really make a difference to people’s pockets and their carbon footprint. 

'With SmartThings Energy Control, we’re taking energy data off the wall and putting it into people’s hands. This innovation takes us into a new era of smart when it comes to energy management. It’s about enabling access to that data in a way that feels natural to people so households are more empowered to make informed decisions about how to reduce and when to use their energy.'

Who can use SmartThings Energy Control?

Those with SmartThings enabled devices – that's any Samsung smart enabled device – will already have access to the new Energy Control features. As will current Bulb Energy users. Simply download the free SmartThings app and get started, today. 

From there, it's possible to share insight with the entire household, a super important step if you're serious about reducing your energy usage. Find out more about this collaboration between Samsung and Bulb.

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