Sale alert! The Sage Barista Express coffee machine has £200 off in's Black Friday sale

One of the best coffee machines ever, the Sage Barista Express, is going at an amazing Black Friday price at Get it while you can

Sage the Barista Express coffee machine
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Wow! Talk about a coffee lover's dream come true – the Sage Barista Express coffee machine (which is easily one of the best coffee machines for espresso enthusiasts) has a whopping £200 off its normal price at deliver every year come the Black Friday sales bonanza, and they're second to none where it comes to amazing offers on appliances. You can find tons more discounts on our dedicated Black Friday deals page.

So, why should every espresso lover consider getting the Barista Express? The unique feature of this machine is its low-pressure pre infusion function: what that means is that the machine gradually increases pressure as the espresso being infused, which makes for a stronger, more flavoursome espresso with a better crema on top. The auto dose function measures out the exactly right amount of ground coffee for a single or double espresso.  

Another feature of this machine we really like is the fact that it can make two cups of coffee at the same time, which means there's no need to wait around for that second cup for your partner. The Sage Barista Express is £399 at

Sage The Barista Express BES875UK Espresso Coffee Machine | Was £599, now £399 at AO

Espresso connoisseurs will be familiar with the brilliant Barista range by Sage – these coffee machines really know what they're doing when it comes to making amazing espresso. We especially like this one because it comes with a coffee burr, meaning you can grind your own beans for a truly bespoke flavour.View Deal

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