What is fairycore? Here's everything you need to know about the aesthetic

TikTok's most enchanting home decor trend

Wooden mushrooms and potted plants
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TikTok is no stranger to giving trendy home decor styles a name. And, right now, I can’t stop thinking about the fairycore aesthetic. 

The fairycore style is all about a more whimsical, fantasy-inspired design that brings a touch of spring magic to your space, all year round. While some take the decor trend more literally and incorporate fairy figurines and wings into their decor, others choose to take a more subtle approach.

It's all about creating decor moments that feel like the environment a fairy could live in. Think moss, mushrooms, butterflies, florals, pastels, and woodsy vibes. And if you're feeling a but more magical, witchcore might be up your street.

When Did Fairycore Start? 

Although tales about fairies have existed for centuries, the fairycore style gained popularity in the early 2020s with fairy-inspired fashion, which eventually influenced the fairycore home decor trend. The style boasts a whimsical feel with lots of light and airy textures blended into a more woodsy aesthetic — sort of like a fairy’s cottage.  

What’s the difference between cottagecore and fairycore? 

Since fairies definitely give off cottagecore vibes, the difference between cottagecore and fairycore can be slightly nuanced. And, while you could technically incorporate cottagecore pieces into fairycore designs, the fairycore aesthetic is a little more enchanting than cottagecore, which has more of a farm cottage feel vs. a fantasy cottage feel.  

Fairycore interior design inspo 

Decorating your home with the fairycore interior design aesthetic in mind requires a mix of whimsical and cottagecore vibes. You can get ultra-literal and incorporate actual fairies into your decor, or go for more subtle nods with botanical designs, mossy textures, and — of course — mushrooms. Here are some of our favorite fairycore home decor accents to play with. 

With all the magical home decor buys, your space is sure to look like an enchanted fairy garden. If you're feeling a little darker, try some whimsigoth decor for all the witchy vibes.

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