Marie Kondo’s top Black Friday buys*

*Or our educated guess, based on extensive study of the works of queen of home decluttering Marie Kondo. Get organised this Black Friday with these KonMari-inspired choices

Marie Kondo
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We do choose joy. We’re all on board with homes that are serene and inspiring. Yes, we happily take lessons from decluttering guru Marie Kondo on how to tidy our spaces and transform our lives. 

And it is as a result of our enlightenment about all things organisational that we present you with our list of Black Friday buys we’re pretty sure Marie herself would go for. Let your joy (and storage buys) be boosted.

1. Drawer organisers at Black Friday prices

Drawer Organizers

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Marie’s lesson for us is that small items with similar uses should be kept in drawers. Once there, though, they need to be neat, and drawer organisers with their handy divisions are the way in which to achieve this organisational nirvana.

Amazon’s the place to shop for a huge selection of in-drawer dividers. Sort out your undies with drawer organizers for the bedroom, and add dividers to other drawers for the tiny toys that scatter, stationery, make up, spare batteries. You get the idea.

Buy Drawer Organisers & Dividers in the UK
Drawer Organizers & Dividers in the US

2. Plastic storage boxes – the latest Black Friday deals

Plastic lidded storage boxes

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The KonMari way to tidy is to embrace storage boxes you can see into. A set of them means neat piles as they’ll stack, and the contents are on show so you don’t have to rummage through to find what you’re after. This nifty storage box fits the bill and come with the bonus of handles so they’re easy to lift into place.

Buy plastic lidded storage boxes in the UK
plastic lidded storage boxes in the US

3. Bargain bathroom storage units (Thanks BF)

Bathroom storage unit

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Once you have truly mastered the folding technique Marie Kondo recommends your items will stand up on their own and pull off the most pleasing feat of being both visible and accessible where they’re stashed. However, the place to do that storing is also key, and for the bathroom, we reckon an open storage unit will be just the thing.

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similar bathroom storage units in the US

4. Garden storage at big discounts

Garden storage

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As for the house, so for the garden. What you keep outside needs designated space just like the inside items do. We know from our Marie Kondo studies that we need to put the items of roughly the same size together, so what to do with outdoor cushions in the winter? Easy. Tidy away into a garden storage box (waterproof, of course).

Buy this garden storage in the UK
similar garden storage in the US

5. A pegboard (we love you Marie Kondo)

Amazon pegboard

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How much would Marie love this pegboard? It’s the perfect place to put the frequently used items within easy reach, just as she advises. It’s a nifty solution for the home office, kitchen or even the hallway. Hang one in the utility room for laundry liquids, pegs, and the sewing kit to mend clothes while they can still be repaired. Or how about in the garage, by the front door…  

Buy this pegboard in the UK
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