Lidl's £14.99 diffuser hits stores TODAY – here's all we know

This diffuser from Lidl will be sure to help you wind down now the (lovely but stressful) summer holidays are over. And it doubles as a humidifier, too

Lidl diffuser
(Image credit: Lidl )

Often find yourself wandering down the Middle of Lidl when you're only visiting to grab food cupboard essentials? Us too, but even more so now their new range is available AND it features a bargain diffuser for just £14.99.

If you've been on the hunt for the best diffuser to drown out the leftover summer holiday smell of sweaty, muddy children, or after something to pop in your teen's uni room to get rid of the musky smell left behind from last year's tenants, or have a dog that's embraced the autumn weather with way too much enthusiasm, this Lidl diffuser is a bit of a must-have AND it's an absolute steal.

Available in stores from today (8th September), it's set to sell out FAST – and it's easy to understand why at that price. Scroll for more info...

Lidl diffuser

(Image credit: Lidl)

The Lidl Aroma Diffuser can create a sense of calm in an instant as it works to pump a fine, cool mist around your home. How? The machine features built-in ultrasonic technology inside. All you need is water and a few drops of essential oil and out will come a fine (lovely smelling) mist that'll diffuse through each room of your home. 

Why not just use a candle? A diffuser is much safer alternative, and depending on the essential oils you use, they can also be safe to use around animals and children. We think it's an ideal buy to use when sleeping, working from home or even just chilling on a Saturday morning.

For just £14.99, this diffuser comes with 10ml of soothing sandalwood and lavender essential oils included, too. After that, you're free to choose your own fragrance and get fancy. Even better? If you don't add any oils to the machine it'll work as a humidifier to rejuvenate dry skin, dry lips, dry throats and in some cases, so it's claimed, it can even stop you snoring (we've not worked that one out yet).

While the diffuser is admittedly rather plain looking, you can easily amp up the ambience thanks to the soft, colour-changing light feature. There's a total of three different colour settings to suit your mood – this way you can customise it for the occasion or time of day, too.

Interested? We don't blame you. The Lidl Aroma Diffuser is an affordable way to make your home feel a) more welcoming and b) more spa-like. If you're thinking of purchasing, you'll have to be quick – it's only available while stocks last.