Lidl offers: cut-price but cheerful plants for your home and garden

Lidl offers don't just extend to the indoors. Nope, you can buy pretty (affordable) plants there, too

Lidl offers on plants: cyclamen
(Image credit: Dobbies Garden Centres)

We love Lidl offers (truth be told, we love ALL offers). This week, though, we were really made up to find that plants had made it into the Middle of Lidl. And they're the perfect house plants for autumn and winter, too, whether you're planning to keep them indoors, or to put them in pots outside to cheer up your garden as it fades/becomes autumnal. 

Autumn doesn't mean an end to pretty blooms, as these buys show, with plenty of species that will continue to blossom happily either on your windowsills, or out on your patio. These are our favourites from Lidl this week. And the prices are bloomin' unbelievable.

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1. Cyclamen, £1.79 each


(Image credit: Lidl)

Cyclamen | £1.79

The lovely cyclamen is an excellent hardy plant that doesn't mind the cold and damp of autumn months, as well as continuing to blossom all through the winter frosts. We especially love the look of bright cyclamen flowers under snow. We recommend planting this one out in the garden, as it won't bloom for long indoors. 

2. Azalea, £2.99


(Image credit: Lidl)

Azalea | £2.99

Another excellent plant for autumn, which will also bloom again in spring. Azaleas love cool weather conditions, though you will need to protect them from frost (overwintering in a greenhouse or conservatory is best). Give them plenty of plant feed while they're blooming. 

3. Kalanchoe, £1.99

Halloween Kalanchoe

(Image credit: Lidl)

Halloween Kalanchoe | £1.99

How cute is this kalanchoe in a Halloween pumpkin planter? Kalanchoe are a joy to grow indoors, as they have very long flowering periods. In fact, given the right conditions with plenty of light, they'll keep producing their bright little blooms throughout the year. This one is indoors only. 

4. Autumn heather, £1.99

Autumn Heather from Lidl offers this week

(Image credit: Lidl)

Autumn heather | £1.99

You can't beat an easy to care for heather. It prefers to be outside and does well in pots, as long as it gets lots of water, and as bedding plants. Use it to brighten up flowerbeds that have faded with the coming of autumn.

5. Bowl of chrysanthemums, £3.29


(Image credit: Lidl)

Chrysanthemum bowl | £3.29

These will be happiest indoors, as a centrepiece on a dining room or kitchen table – the perfect room brightener. And, at that price, the perfect present (you look generous but you've barely spent £3. Win win). 

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