Ikea's Frekvens portable speaker is now on sale from just £19!

Designed by teenagers, one of the best portable speakers out there and now the Ikea Frekvens is on sale from just £19! Well we do like to party...

Ikea frekvens speaker
(Image credit: Ikea)

We're excited to announce that the long awaited Ikea Frekvens collection is now on sale, which is great news if you're something of a party animal – or know a teenager who is. Aside from boasting a pretty impressive sound system, this portable speaker is also completely customisable and quite frankly, one of the best portable speakers about. You can add spotlights, multi-lights, additional speakers and more, as you so wish. Perfect for the more spontaneous amongst us, the Ikea Frekvens collection, which is on sale from just £19, allows you to design your dream part system, without spending a fortune.

Want to know what's so special about Ikea's new Frekvens limited collection? Well, this new release was designed by a collective of teenage engineers, exclusively for Ikea. The group were inspired by the movement and ambience of a party and loved the idea that nothing unites people quite like music. In these Brexit times, that's a philosophy we can definitely get behind.

Seeking to revolutionise the traditional sound system and create something 21st century appropriate, the group prioritised the use of modular solitaire speakers to build a comprehensive sound system. They also made it possible to add LEDs, spotlights and spotlights accessories – as and where you wish – for a unique finish. Simply click each section together to create a system that works from you.

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