How to cancel Spotify

Used Spotify over the holidays but don't want it any more? Follow our simple steps to cancel Spotify in less than five minutes

How to cancel Spotify
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Want to know how to cancel Spotify? One of the most popular music streaming services around, Spotify Premium provides uninterrupted access to all of your favourite music and podcasts – but at a monthly cost, of course.

If your student discount has run out, you've decided to switch providers or you're looking for easy ways to save money in the New Year, you'll want to know how to cancel your current Spotify Premium membership. And quick.

We've guided you through the steps below. Follow them and your membership should be cancelled in less than five minutes.

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How to cancel Spotify 

  1. Make sure you're logged into Spotify.
  2. Find 'subscription' on the left hand side of your screen.
  3. When the subscription page opens, you'll find the details of your premium membership – how much you pay monthly and when your membership renews. You'll want to select the option to 'cancel',
  4. Spotify will ask you to confirm your choice. If you're still happy to cancel, select 'confirm' when prompted.
  5. Your Spotify Premium membership is now cancelled, though you will be able to enjoy Premium services until the date on which your account would usually renew. 
  6. While you'll no longer benefit from uninterrupted listening, after this, you will still be able to enjoy a free membership.  

Changed your mind?

Discovered you can't live without Spotify, after all? It's okay, you're allowed to change your mind. Simply upgrade to a Premium account. You'll find all your playlists saved and ready to go.

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