Disney Plus' top 10 villains – and how to watch these movies for FREE

A list of the top 10 Disney Plus villains has been released! Since the launch of Disney Plus, we've loved to hate them all...

Disney Plus: Maleficent from behind
(Image credit: Disney)

Disney Plus, the newest and best streaming service around, recently surpassed 50 million subscribers – a mega milestone for a streaming service that hasn't been live for long. This means there are loads of us bingeing and rewatching all of our favourite movies and TV series, which is hardly surprising considering we've all been stuck at home for six weeks. 

We're here to reveal (thanks to onlinecasinos.co.uk) the world's top favourite villains from Disney Plus. We love to hate them! These villains are, in reality, what makes these Disney Plus movies worth watching – they add drama, and really they make the entire storyline as good as it is. So, without further ado, here's a list of the top 10 Disney Plus villains since the launch of Disney Plus.

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Top 10 Disney Plus villains

  1. Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent 
  2. The Lion King's Scar
  3. One Hundred and One Dalmatian's Cruella De Vil
  4. Aladdin's Jafar
  5. Peter Pan's Captain Hook
  6. Beauty and the Beast's Gaston
  7. Jungle Book's Shere Khan
  8. The Little Mermaid's Ursula
  9. Frozen's Hans
  10. Tarzan's Clayton

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