Disney Plus and Amazon are collaborating... Here's all we know

Alexa, open Disney Plus...

Disney Plus: Toy Story characters Forky and Hamm in room
(Image credit: Disney Plus)

The news we've been waiting for has been confirmed: Disney Plus subscribers will now be able to watch content on Amazon devices – we're talking Fire TV Sticks and Fire Tablets, of course. The best part? You'll be able to ask Alexa to play Disney Plus content from The Mandalorian to Star Wars movies. Get excited!

So, whether you own an Amazon Fire TV stick and have been deliberating opting into Disney Plus, maybe you have an Amazon smart TV and were wondering if you'll be able to watch new episodes of The Simpsons on Disney Plus, or you have a Fire Tablet and want to know for sure you can watch Disney Plus on your commute, rest assured that Disney Plus will be available on Amazon devices soon

Even better? We have a special pre-order deal below which gives you £10 off a yearly subscription. All you have to do is subscribe before Disney Plus is released on the 24th March.

We've popped the Disney Plus pre-order deal below. Otherwise, head over to our The Hub, our tech page for more product recommendations and advice.

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